About The Film:

Running Time:  94 Minutes 

Language: English,  Not Rated

Transform.  Connect.  Choose Love.

You can take a step out, essentially into nothing, and something always forms underfoot.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce


Featuring Experts on Living Love:

Plus Chiropractors Dr. Pat Chelenyak, Dr. Peter Amlinger, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, and Dr. Jay Komarek.

With a story involving three average people, coming together to be transformed through service:
Dr. Austin Komarek, Dr. Alejandra Robles, Dr. Rhea Zimmerman on set in The Sacred Valley, Peru

Dr. Austin Komarek, Dr. Alejandra Robles, Dr. Rhea Zimmerman on set in The Sacred Valley, Peru


After quitting her job at the World Trade Center Rhea Zimmerman finds herself 9 months later, in New York City on 9/11, feeling afraid, horrified, lost and wondering what she could do to help create a better story for humanity. She finds her answer and her healing when she fuels herself with purpose by becoming a chiropractor with a passion for unconditional love and international service. 

11 years later we join her on a 5-day chiropractic service trip to The Sacred Valley, Peru with her new boyfriend Austin and her friend Alejandra.  They are on a mission to serve as many people as possible offering healing, hope, and connection through collaboration with a medical clinic. 

Watch as the three stretch themselves by surrendering to service, affecting thousands that they touch, and ultimately, transforming as individuals through the power of love and teamwork.

Love Bomb is interwoven with expert voices that explore themes of human transformation, love, altruism, and consciousness.

 How can traumas ultimately transform us?  What is the power of love and how can we find it within ourselves?  What is our very own “Love Bomb” and how can we give it to the world? 

Everyone has an innate power to contribute to a loving future for humanity.



Thank you for bringing more love to life! xo Rhea



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