If we were all committed to loving, like radically committed to loving, the world would be completely different, the world would shift.
— Kute Blackson

A Power on Productions Film

Produced, Directed, & Written by   Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek  Director of Photography & Editor, Gregg Marks

The Team:

Producer, Director, & Writer 

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

Director of Photography & Editor

Gregg Marks

The vast majority of triggers for transformation come out of some kind of pain, something that destabilizes the steady state, and causes us to wake up.”
— Marilyn Schlitz, Phd


After quitting her job at the World Trade Center Rhea Zimmerman finds herself 9 months later, in New York City on 9/11, feeling afraid, horrified, lost and wondering what she could do to help create a better story for humanity. She finds her answer and her healing when she fuels herself with purpose by becoming a chiropractor with a passion for unconditional love and international service. 

11 years later we join her on a 5-day chiropractic service trip to The Sacred Valley, Peru with her new boyfriend Austin and her friend Alejandra.  They are on a mission to serve as many people as possible offering healing, hope, and connection through collaboration with a medical clinic. 

Watch as the three stretch themselves by surrendering to service, affecting thousands that they touch, and ultimately, transforming as individuals through the power of love and teamwork.

Love Bomb is interwoven with expert voices that explore themes of human transformation, love, altruism, and consciousness.

 How can traumas ultimately transform us?  What is the power of love and how can we find it within ourselves?  What is our very own “Love Bomb” and how can we give it to the world? 

Everyone has an innate power to contribute to a loving future for humanity.

Featuring: Dr. Peter Amlinger, Kute Blackson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elena Brower, Dr. Pat Chelenyak, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Sandra DelPrado, Guido DelPrado, Dr. Jay Komarek, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Dean Radin, PhD, Lisa Reagan, Marilyn Schlitz, Phd, Dr. Jim Sigafoose, and John Welshons.

Director's Statement

I find it a continual journey to keep choosing love
— Rhea
Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek 

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek 


Love Bomb is a very personal story born of a desire to inspire myself and others to choose love over fear.

So many of us are experiencing feelings of lack of power in the face of global and individual challenges and atrocities, and we need stories that ignite in us the reminder of our total connection to one another, to the life force of love within, and to the inherent capacity for growth, transformation, and impact that we all share.

The idea for the film began with a simple desire to share the spiritual experience I had during a chiropractic service trip to Brazil in 2007, and then took shape as we actually filmed our service trip to Peru in 2012. 

I have personally received such fulfillment and richness by experiencing what happens when we let ourselves go totally to the moment of service in the magnitude that we do, seeing hundreds of people in a matter of hours, and thousands by week’s end.  In our trips we surrender to love, service, dirt, sweat and a sea of people lying down in front of us in total trust- to the point where physical and emotional exhaustion gives way to spiritual awakening.  It is a shift from a “me to a we” on a profound level.

Though I never anticipated I would actually end of producing and directing the film, this in and of itself was an empowering experience that came of a very organic process between me and the Director of Photography and Editor, Gregg Marks.  He had recently finished his own organic process of editing and co-directing “May I Be Frank,” and as we met to discuss the potential of this project, it kept evolving to the point where it was clear that I was uniquely in the position to share this story both from within as a subject, and on “the outside” as the director.

I continue to learn the power of trust through the entire process and the truth in the words that Joseph Chilton Pearce spoke to me during our interview with him “you can take a step out, essentially into nothing, and something always forms under foot.”

I actually find myself to be quite un-extraordinary, which is what I hope comes across in the telling of the story.  I feel like, if I can experience and co-create this kind of impact, surely anyone can! 

I first used the term “Love Bomb” to express what happens when we as chiropractors go into a community and adjust thousands of people at one time, igniting massive opening and change, and deeply impacting consciousness.  Now I see it as the name for the adjustment itself, for a kind word spoken, for a group effort for the common good, and as the loving tendencies of human beings already being expressed throughout the world.  I even see them as any experience that “destabilizes” where we are stuck and allows us to wake up to the moment, to the opportunity to be fully alive and choosing love now.  The film is meant to inspire us all to answer the question, “what is my love bomb?” and then to give these gifts to the world!


Small Adds Up To Big

A child in Peru receiving a sticker brought over from a child in the U.S.

A child in Peru receiving a sticker brought over from a child in the U.S.

Austin, Alejandra, and Rhea in Peru preparing to deliver stickers.

Austin, Alejandra, and Rhea in Peru preparing to deliver stickers.

Often the "smallest" Love Bombs are the most important ones.  For this reason as a part of the story I share how my team collaborates with an elementary school teacher and principle near where I live in order to empower the students to know that small acts of kindness add up, and that even without money or "titles" they make a difference in the world.  We go to the school and work with them to help them create "little messages of love" in the form of stickers that they draw.  We bring these to the kids that we work with in Peru, and then bring home stickers in exchange. 

Small things add up to big things. 

By focusing on the theme of the Love Bomb, teaching people about it and demonstrating it in action with the film I aim to see the question of "what are we capable of" answered in a healthier, happier, and more peacefully empowered humanity.

Thank you for being a part of it!  With Gratitude, Dr. Rhea