1.  Clarity System Visualization Meditation 

This bonus is for your continued use once you have completed Week 4 of the MLB program.


2.  The Field walk of emotions

This is a bonus audio practice to be used only after you have completed it once in your in person group experience.  (Hint, come back after week 6 please!)

This is a fairly intense practice, and so we have some recommendations for use:

1.  This practice is only for My Love Bomb Program participants and graduates.

2.  You can use this practice to exercise comfort in feeling emotions by selecting stories that come to mind that are not very challenging for you to move through.

3.  You can select to do this practice in a more intense way by choosing stories that you are working through that are more difficult that you would like healing in.

4.  If you are doing this practice on your own at home please make sure you have the quiet, private space to move for the entirety of the practice.

5.  Please select a "buddy" who knows you are moving through this and who can be prepared to assist you in processing through emotions, realizations, or other intense elements that arise that you will need help with.

6.  This process works, and it is up to you to create the support you will need to move through what arises when you opt to do it on your own!

Big Love and Gratitude for choosing to be a spiritual activist, a Love Bomber, open to feel, open to break down the walls, open to your heart, and willing to bring more Love to earth


Dr. Rhea