YES!  You are going to use Breathe Love to facilitate a transformational process.  

Here are 5 Steps I've put together to optimize your use of the audios for personal change:


Step 1 | Commit to Choosing Love Over Fear.  Build a picture of what that looks like for you.

Know why you want to practice Breathe Love.  Write it down.  What are your hopes?  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually. Do you want to train yourself to respond to life, versus reacting to it?    This is your chance to create.  Write down the picture of what you want to create by practicing Breathe Love, then you are ready to commit to the practice. Go ahead and download the audios from this site and then load them onto your mp3 player or computer.

Step 2 | Spend 20 Minutes A Day Breathing Love.

Have the audios with you all of the time so that you can always have the option to press play on your new commitment to yourself.  Start with 20 minutes a day.

With 20 minutes a day you can use Breathe Love  to elicit the relaxation response and to cognitively retrain to the positive.   Both of these have proven health benefits.  

Elicit the Relaxation Response Using Breathe Love:

1. Choose 2-3 tracks that add up to about 20 minutes. 

2.  As you hear the words, focus on them without trying to interpret them. 

3.  When your focus wanders, bring it back saying "oh well, that's okay." 

4.  Continue to focus on the words without trying to interpret them. 

5.  Do this for 20 minutes. 

6.  You can be seated or laying with eyes closed, or you can be active like running, walking, or hiking. 

7.  Be sure to be doing it with safe surroundings.


In addition to your 20 dedicated minutes a day you can:

1.  Play breathe love in the car (without doing the relaxation response meditation- just play it like music so you can stay focused on the road) to set the tone for your day, or to relax from your day on a drive home.

2.  For a break at work to refresh your mind to keep going on a difficult or creative task- or after a challenging client interaction.

3.  Whenever you want!


Step 3 | Commit To Practice Every Day, For 2 Months (And Then Keep Going)

Keep the audios with you- on an mp3 player, on your computer, in your car.  Notice when you are feeling scattered, doubtful, or negative and commit to pressing play on breathe love. 


Step 4 | Knowledge is Power.  Understand The Science of Mind/Body/Spirit to Stay Motivated.

Knowledge really is power.  When I began to understand, and correlate, the mind/body sciences and then to feel how they relate to the spiritual feeling of life- I was able to stay committed to the process.  Science now gives us the link between our mind, our life and our body.  It naturally points us to spiritual and life connection as an optimum means for thriving.  This is a great little intro guide that I created to begin the journey of understanding mind/body science.


Step 5 | See, Feel, and Be What You Want

Now that you know how to use Breathe Love to bathe yourself in a positive emotional bath from the inside out, and how to elicit relaxation response while doing it- you are ready for the next step.  Visualization.  With the use of visualization you can train yourself to see, feel, and be what it is that you want.  Breathe Love can assist you to feel the kinds of emotions that you are seeking in your life and working with positive visualization can help you to keep moving in the right direction for you.


5 Tips To Creating a Great Visualization Image

.  What do you want to improve:  vitality, career, adventures, family, friendships, studies, home, etc.

.  Make it believable.  If 2 billion in your bank in a week feels believable to you then go for it.  If it doesn't then start with what does and grow from there.  It is unique for everyone.

.  Choose the right details to head towards your dreams.  If you know you want a career but don't know what, then you can start with how you want to feel about your career, or the difference you want to make in the lives of others.  Then you can grow in to specificity from there.

.  Create the image of what you want versus what you don't.  If you want a great relationship you would focus on what you want to create, versus what you don't want.  

.  You can build all of this into a dream board and practice the feelings that you want to bring it about.  You can even link the feelings from Breathe Love to the feelings you want to have with what you are creating- this is how you start living your dreams right now.