“I was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and the ‘Faith’ and ‘Courage’ tracks really resonate with me.  I’ve been listening to them over and over.  Thank you.”  -Vanessa

Hi There,

Are you interested in a tool that can help you to overcome challenges with love?

Breathe Love is a set of audios that can help you to give your love bomb to life through embodying the best version of yourself.  I designed them to optimize mind/body science by providing a way to relax, rewire, and live from the calmest, most loving part of our brain and body.  

I have personally used these audios to help to facilitate a positive change in my own physical health, life and relationships.  I reach for them whenever I feel like I need to tap into my most loving self and to powerfully shift out of a frightened, worried, or critical state of mind.  I have also watched them support positive shift for people going through healing and life challenges that need a confident and supportive voice to lean on to trust their life and body.

Each track is a gently spoken poem of positive suggestions accompanied by a lullaby-like original acoustic guitar melody.  It is my hope that you will use these to create greater ease and joy for yourself, your family and ultimately those around you.  Press Play & Breathe Love.  

With Gratitude, Rhea

Producer & Director, Love Bomb.

All of the tracks and the order in which they are organized are inspired by my interpretation of the book The Rays of the Dawn by Dr. Thurman Fleet


1.  Intro 51s

2. Faith 5.17s

3. Hope 5.25s

4. Generosity 6.17s

5. Aspiration 8.43s

6. Patience 7.51s

7. Sympathy 6.33s

8. Gratitude 9.4s

9. Kindness 7.22s

10. Courage 8.20s

11. Forgiveness 11.1s

12. Freedom 11.37s

13. Love 12.15s


What Others Are Saying:

“As a tech entrepreneur, my life is crazy.  I use the ‘Breathe Love’ audios to help me gain perspective as well as focus my mind to make important decisions.”  -- Rick Marini, CEO, Branchout

"Listening to ‘Breathe Love’ after work while driving home helps me focus on the day's events and channel my feelings to a higher place.  By the time I am home, no matter how brutal the traffic or the day, I feel ready to greet the evening and my family feeling centered and peaceful. It's a CD cocktail." 
-Mitchell Block, Oscar Nominated Producer

“While waiting for my five-year-old to buckle himself into his car seat, he asked to listen to ‘Breathe Love.’  I pulled out CD 2 and pressed play. We listened to ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Kindness’ on the way to school.   I glanced at him from the rear-view mirror and saw him keenly listening to every word.  Yes, this mama is beaming from pride and love that her little beacon is learning to tune in just like mom 
-- Proud Mother

“’Breathe Love’ transcends the mind and caresses the heart.  It is food and beauty for my soul.” 
-- Bill McKeown

“Listening to ‘Breathe Love’ heightens the senses, and makes us vibrant with life, eager to live, and to embrace the day or wrap it in serenity.”  -- Kathleen Dufour  

“Everyone should experience your inspiring, insightful, joyful, peaceful, soulful, and beautiful presentation of the Laws of the Soul.  It is a feeling that no words can fully explain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such a masterpiece of beauty.”  -- Michael Peel 

“I was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago and the ‘Faith’ and ‘Courage’ tracks really resonate with me.  I’ve been listening to them over and over.  Thank you.”  -- Vanessa

“Your kindness is felt all the way through the CD.  Every prison should be playing ‘Breathe Love’ 24/7.” – Bonny Kenny

“It’s like someone is holding your hand while guiding you to a place of tranquility and strength.”