The Podcast Launch

I am excited to announce the launch of the new podcast "Love Bombers".  The podcast for people who are making the world a better place by finding and giving their gifts to life.  

In a big way this podcast has been gestating since the making of the film Love Bomb.  When I made the film I chose to focus on my own story of how a trauma in my life left me with the opportunity to choose to heal and in so doing to dedicate my life to choosing more love and inspiring the same in others. In essence, to find my love bomb.

It was my intention that by sharing my own story, about a very average woman doing her unique calling, that I would inspire others to know that they could find and express their’s too.

There are millions of other stories to be told and I am inspired frequently by the acts of love and bravery I see and learn about all around me.  I actually believe that we all have a story of finding our love bomb to tell, even if it is in the smallest of moments that inspire us to show our most loving self to the world

In the podcast I will highlight people from all walks of life and love bomb expressions to really help all of us to see that the way our gifts show up are unique and special.

They will be people who have put their love bomb ideas into action through projects of all scales both large and small, non-profits, businesses, and every day acts of love.

People who have used wounds and traumas as inspiration to be of service to others who might be going through similar challenges.

We will inspire one another to do the work it takes to remain open, choosing love, instead of the contraction of fears and worries and doubts.  We will highlight how we are transforming our way of measuring ourselves in the social hierarchy of one upping or one downing, by building pockets in our communities of empowered cooperation.

We will explore how we can be more grounded and balanced in our lives as givers.

We will gain ideas and inspiration on ways that we can find and give our purpose to life.

I will be speaking directly to the love bombers who have already found their path of service, and to those who are on the path of discover.

Along the way I hope to become a trusted participant of the Love Bomber community, contributing to listeners who want to go deeper into their gifts by taking the experiential program I have developed called “My Love Bomb,” and potentially becoming facilitators themselves in their communities.

In this way I hope for the podcast to both bring awareness about the program, and then to be able to highlight the amazing ways that program participants are connecting to their gifts and sharing them with their communities.

Through the process of making Love Bomb and developing My Love Bomb, I have also fallen in love with the discovery process of interviewing others.

Truly, of listening to others.

I was amazed at how my rather fixed ideas about what Love and Service were changed as I came into contact with each person who emerged to be interviewed along the way.  I am also watching the transformation of My Love Bomb as I hear the experiences of participants and commit to refining along the way to keep developing that which serves the servers.

This entire journey, both of the My Love Bomb program and the Love Bombers podcast, is my way of continuing my own growth, listening, and learning around what it means to be a part of a global movement of choosing love, and bringing about the most positive way in which we as humans show up for one another.

I am already deeply moved by the power of coming together in the small group I am a part of with the My Love Bomb facilitators in seeing how awesome it is to have empowered, loving people support one another deeply in being their best selves.

If I can have a part in seeing that happen for others while also continuing the healing process of choosing love and forgiveness in my own life, then I will succeed with the vision of what this podcast and Love Bomber movement is.

When faced with negativity and fear of news and world events it is the stories of the love bombers that continue to uplift me and remind me that people are truly good and that we as a humanity have great hope in who we are and where we are, and to keep going.  Step by step.  Together

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