Building Value and Connection with Your Kids Through Volunteering at Home and Abroad, with Jeni Olsen

Photo by Briana Marie Photography

Photo by Briana Marie Photography

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Jeni is a Love Bomber momma of two teenage sons.  She runs her own successful graphic design business here in the Napa Valley, and she also manages a full plate of service projects both at home and abroad.

Jeni in service with her son Max in Guatemala with Souls 4 Soles.

Jeni in service with her son Max in Guatemala with Souls 4 Soles.

She is fresh home from a teen service trip with Souls 4 Soles where she took 15 teens to deliver shoes to those in need in Guatemala.  She has done similar trips in Honduras and Haiti and has also participated with me in service in Peru as the team photographer.  She is also freshly on the board for the Boys and Girls Club here in Napa as well as completing the Napa Valley Leadership Program where her team is focusing on service to the homeless.

She is an amazing example of finding her own calling and soul’s fulfillment in relationship to her role as a wife, entrepreneur, and mom.

We speak about her journey through a variety of service experiences and the growth it has provided for her son and herself.

Her Love Bomb journey is an inspiration of asking the question of "how can I serve" and then stepping forward to find the answer again and again.

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