The Worst Time is the Best Time, Starting Now, with Marjorie Nass

Marjorie Nass

Marjorie Nass

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In Episode 8 (Already!) I sit down in conversation with my longtime friend from Om Yoga Teacher Training Marjorie Nass.  We talk about how she found her love bomb gifts and how she helps other people revive with them, so that they can in turn give their gifts to life.

We both connect about the power to start creating change, now, in life, bit by bit, to find what she says is the natural state of peace and joy.

She also shares about her upcoming program, Reset and Renew.

More about Marjorie:

After working for 10 years in a high stress, corporate sales environment in New York City, Marjorie was depressed and de-energized, she couldn’t ignore her body any longer. It was time to shake things up, to transcend her funk. It was time to live life, not just trudge her way through it (in heels).
In her quest for health and wellness, she found yoga and was surprised at how effectively the poses got her out of her head. She suddenly felt connected to her body and her breathing. As her yoga practice advanced, she realized that finding connection and ease in the body is the road to living a full and healthy life.
The benefits of yoga were so profound for her that she wanted to share its healing effects with others. When her yoga studies led her to Ayurveda, she started folding India’s mind-body science into her personal practice, along with her classes, workshops and retreats.

Now, as a health and wellness guide, Marjorie teaches how to live better in your body, incorporating yoga and its mind body science, Ayurveda, to help students sleep and eat better, and increase their energy. Marjorie offers online programs, yoga classes, workshops, and wellness programs and retreats, and co-founded Ready Set Recover in 2014 to help individuals going through surgery get back to better. A lifelong New Yorker, Marjorie recently relocated to La Jolla, California. 

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