Finding Authenticity and Forgiveness in Service to the Moment

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Paula Demartini is a Love Bomber who has grown through some tough life stuff including her parent’s divorce, an eating disorder, addiction and infidelity.  She says that this real-ness and force-feeding of humility has opened her up to genuinely help and connect with a lot of people. She savors and finds joy in the opportunity to listen and inspire.  As an engineer by trade she does this through how she chooses to be on a daily basis, through teaching yoga after the 9-5 and soon as a facilitator of the My Love Bomb Program.

In this Love Bomber conversation we meet up to discuss how she finally found the experience of forgiving herself, fully, long after the people in her life had forgiven her for the struggles of an eating disorder and addiction.  She shares about how she finds her way into what it means to be authentic in a way that serves the people in her life in an empowered way that responds to the moment.

This is a breath of fresh air conversation about service, forgiveness, and the process called life.


You can find Paula at: