Are you ready for Change? Ten Tips in Ten Days with Dr. Rhea from FB Live

Hi There!  It' Rhea here.  I have just completed "10 Tips in 10 Days" on Facebook using FB Live as a part of the launch of the My Love Bomb Program in Napa, California.  While the promotion to see the film online is ending, the content that I shared is valuable enough I thought I'd put it here for you in a format that you can simply scroll from one to the next.

These are little tips, little nuggets of philosophy and action that when taken, can make a difference to spark in you the desire to say YES to you, and to humanity.

One: Are you ready for change?  Do you have a question on your heart?  An image that is ready to express through you?  

Two: Connect to yourself!  Are you ready to feel more connected to you?  

Three: How can you make a difference? 

Four: Get out of isolation. 

Five: What brings you fun and fulfillment?  Part 1  

Five: What brings you fun and fulfillment?  Part 2  

Six: Do you ever feel like there "must be more to life than this?" 

Seven: Do you suffer from Soul Sickness?  Do you know someone who does?  

Eight: What would love do?  Love is courage, love has boundaries, love is powerful, love asks hard questions, love finds solutions, love is empowered,...  

Nine: Are you loving the ideas in personal growth books but finding it hard to recreate them in your actual life?  

Ten: do you need a dose of faith in humanity?  In life itself?  In you?  

Do you love this content and want to go deeper?  You might be a really good candidate for the My Love Bomb Program.  Check it out:

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