The Power of Words (And Forgiveness)

This week I had the healing grace of being invited to share some My Love Bomb style activities with a group of moms and 2nd grade girls.

It was so sweet to hear their shares and learn from each woman and girl there as well all expanded on our own awareness of the power of words, how we all sometimes say the wrong ones and regret it later, and the need for forgiveness in our lives.

It's simple, short, and sweet.

Also, coming so soon!  The launch and registration for the Open Hearted Life Challenge later this July.  I'm so excited.  We will be doing a lot of hanging out inside of the You Matter International Facebook Group (forming now) as we do this challenge, so if you care to join us, head over there now.  It will get going in earnest July 10th when I am home from my next round of "the Komarek's head to the Mountains" for a week.

Big Love!