Are You Worth It?

Are you worth it?


Today’s message is a brave one for me to share, however, the desire to be of service to those who need to hear it is winning.

Check it out.  I come to you a woman who has experienced the need to advocate for herself inside of her marriage and family life to say “this is valuable to me, end of story, I am worth it” when it comes to asking for time or money towards something that will benefit me.  I also come to you as a provider of “alternative” to mainstream culture offerings such as chiropractic for whole person healing and personal growth seminars for 11 years.

I have felt and seen similar patterns and that’s what I am talking about today.

The pattern is this:  our families tend to have value systems, whether they are spoken or not.  Maybe we value vacations, maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value proactive health and wellness care.  Maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value personal time.  Maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value personal growth.  Maybe we don’t.  You get it.

Well, I am promoting something here- it’s valuing the truth of one another’s hearts.  Even if where they are being innately led to is “not going to work.”  Change is unknown.  New paths are unknown.  What if it’s okay to try something new?  

Okay, I’m not advocating huge investments of time or money that totally disrespects the needs of the family members.  I am advocating a freedom to look at supporting things that might be outside of the norm of what would be valued in order to try expanding into a framework of family and personal values towards personal growth, health, and well-being.

So what is it that you are valuing?  Where is your heart leading you?  Are you worth it?  If not now, then when?

Don’t wait until it’s a fire.  Pay attention to your heart’s desire while it’s a little flame, and honor that in those that you love!  Then it’s a fire of a lit up life, versus a crew in crisis.

Big Love!