MLB Week 2 of 8 Insider's Scoop: Building Harmony as an Element of Love

Hi!  Rhea here with this week's My Love Bomb Program insider scoop, as I work to bringing you applicable content while running the eight week program.

Last night's small group portion in Napa brought me so much ease, connection, support, encouragement.  Oh my gosh, basically, the best of what can happen when women come together in a calm space and drop into being.

I'm bringing you a continuation from last week's theme of "asking" with the next steps of action, identifying harmony, innate trust, and finding life momentum.

With so much to attend to in terms of the loving service we can provide to hold up one another when we have fallen, or the world has crumbled a bit around us, it's vital to do the work to be standing love bombers capable of offering clear vibrations of uplifted love and insight.

We need to be leaders in our own lives whenever possible, so that we can be more effective love bombers when nature is calling, which, she is.

I hope this helps you build more ease and harmony inside of your body, your mind, your life, your community, and our collective humanity.

Big Love,