What kind of Sabbatical?

I shared that I am on “sabbatical” and I’ll fill you in more on what kind.  It’s an ambition sabbatical. I was inspired by this idea from a friend a few years ago who did the same.  Mine includes letting go of pursuing BIG massive visions of contribution and change and entrepreneuring combined, and instead focusing on small moments of deep and authentic connection.  It's a conscious slowing from idea to manifestation to market, and it's for a year.  It's a conscious slowing of the nervous system, in order to recalibrate and live in a new way, with new opportunities for insight and growth and healing and enjoyment of life and the people in it.

In letting go of this big ambition and spiritual business building, I also had the grace of letting go of said ambition and scrambling and hustling and totally relaxing in to the model of service I already had going on in my professional life as a chiropractor.  Since that time I have been loving the quiet care of one on one service to my clients. I have been loving the art of serving individuals, versus the craft of systematizing observations, patterns, and exact methods to serve broad groups and teach others to deliver such services.  I have been able to relax into my own beautiful service based business, as well as my own intricate gifts without having to translate them in any way.  It's somewhat of a luxury to be able to actually relax into one's life and realize it's actually totally enough.  

I recognize that for many, this isn’t yet the case, there is still a hustle need, and we are individual, not all need ambition fasts or social media fasts or any other kind.  We are unique in unique chapters. There is rhythm and chapter in life, and we enter and exit these as spiritual beings having a human experience in a particular cultural time on the planet.  Thus my love of unique and individualized care and conversation.

I also thought to clarify,....I tossed my planner.  Truth. I got another one! I still love things in writing, I just had to get rid of the one that was so ambition and manifestation focused and instead use one that is more relaxed with more of a mindfulness and conscious life rhythm focus.  It makes me smile because I know it carries my self-care plans and my gentle reminders of what I am working on because that, yes, planning, is still an important part of my self-care and life enjoyment.

Next up, a lot of you asked how to make the leap from social media plug-in to social media plug-out, specifically the Facebook one.  To this I have a story. Ten years ago when I was in India, working on a service project, the Guru of the ashram I was going to work at took me aside for a meeting.  For this meeting he got in the ashram car and had me come along. If you have ever driven in India, then you know, it’s totally bonkers on the roads with motor bikes, buses, rickshaws, trucks, cattle, bicyclists, sadhus, and the occasional elephant.  As he drove, he drove really slow, and it was like a river of chaos going around us both coming and going on all sides. He said, sometimes, to stay safe when everyone around you is going chaotically fast, you just go slow so they can all move around you.  

Well, in this cultural case, it’s kind of like that.  You actually can slow down, and the chaos can move around you, and then something magical can happen.  You can begin to notice others who have also slowed down, and, you can begin to notice yourself.

You can be there for you, and you can also hear the messages of life around you not being generated by technology constantly.  Life can speak through the actual spiritual matrix of life itself. The birds and animals that emerge with a story to tell. The people who cross your path in lucid moments.  The people you think of and then reach out to directly to connect to. And, learning and growth also arrives that is desired.  This learning and growth can be from outer and inner influences.

You actually start to disconnect from a matrix of false senses of spiritual connection, and you realign to a living matrix of a Universal Intelligence that is responsive and moving through all of creation and in that matrix, you feel yourself again, alive, divine, as you are.  And of course, this feeling, this remembering, fluctuates with forgetting and remembering and forgetting and remembering, but it’s there, and it feels far more real and long lived than the other to me.

I was reminded last weekend in a "Life/Art" dance workshop with Ana Halprin's daughter Daria Halprin that life truly is a dance.  It's not an arrival point.  It's not an intellectual occurrence.  It's a dance, an intersection, of body, motion, emotion, story, meeting the moment, meeting ourselves, meeting others, and meeting nature.  Ana is 98, and her daughter is in her 70's, and they both continue to dance and create.  They inspire me deeply in the art of healing and remaining alive while you are alive, and one of the qualities I see them embody strongly is curiosity.  Not knowing.  Curiosity.  

So there you have it, there you have me, curious, willing to step forward like Joseph Chilton Pearce encouraged me to do years ago when I had the grace of meeting him.  He said you can take a step forward, essentially into nothing, and something always forms underfoot.  Embodying the Heart, honoring the innate truth of one's soul, these things take courage and a willingness to go into the unknown.   

In witnessing my own journey of this and the lives of those I get to hold as a chiropractor, and your immense response to last week's email, you can know that if you are relating to this sharing, or years ahead on embodying it, you are not alone.  You are absolutely a part of a movement of humans awakening and asking what is next, and here we are then, embodying the answer with our inquiry, aspirations, and authentic desire to connect to ourselves, one another, and that which feels real.  We are literally taking a step OUT of what culture is saying to do, and we are landing into that which is real.  And newness, birth, healing, creating, and living are sometimes very messy and painful and there are vast unknowns, but here we are.

 Blessings & Respect,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek