Choosing Love

14 Life Lessons From Peru (How To Serve Your Heart Out)

Hi There, it's Rhea here.  I took a moment to write a bit about life lessons learned on our recent service trip to Peru (many of you joined us for the Facebook Photo Journal Here!).  I just revisited the blog post that I had prepared to post before the Napa Earthquake sidetracked my ability to get back to it.  It is amazing to me how these 14 Life Lessons have been totally applicable and in action for me and my community in the past week!  I think life wants me to get these down!!

Here is the blog, written three days prior to the quake:

How do I rewire for Love?

How do I rewire for Love?

Through the making of Love Bomb I landed on the simplicity that if we can live from Love, we will be better off, individually and collectively.

One of the easiest ways to access the concept of living love is through service.  Service easily activates some of the best parts of us, the most loving parts.  Another way I have found to access my most loving self is through the application of mind/body practices to create daily habits to help me choose love, first from within myself, and then through my actions.

One of the most successful tools that I have found is actually a set of audios that I wrote and recorded to help me embody the material in the book "The Rays of the Dawn" by Dr. Thurman Fleet called Breathe Love

What is the Best Kind of Happiness for Health?

A beautiful child in the village of Pampallacta, Peru where our team was serving chiropractic.

A beautiful child in the village of Pampallacta, Peru where our team was serving chiropractic.

Happiness seems to be a buzz word lately, and for good reason, one of the foundational drives of our lives is to be happy.  

According to recent research happiness can be divided into two broad categories:

1.  Happiness from getting something.

2.  Happiness from giving something.

What is fascinating to me as an advocate for living love, is that while both types of happiness are valuable to our health and quality of life, it seems that happiness from giving something actually produces uniquely better results when it comes to increased immune system function.  The evidence continues to point at the fact that we are literally designed to thrive through giving love to one another.

What do you think?  

Check out the full article here from The Greater Good Science Center:  A Healthier Kind of Happiness, by Jill Suttie

How Do You Choose Love Over Fear?


2) Are both fear and love contagious emotions? If one is living in fear, how do they transform their experience into one that generates, and is inspired by, love?

This is a wonderful question, thank you.  Emotions in general are contagious; in fact, I loved the response of both Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz when I interviewed them for the film, as they talked about creating an epidemic of love.  The option we have as thinking beings is to be able to become aware enough as to what emotions we are going to choose to respond to life with.  This gives us an inherent capacity to become immune to the epidemic of fear, and intentional about participating in an epidemic of love.