What is responsible service? An International Inquiry

What is responsible service?  An International Inquiry

There were many questions for me that went into creating the film Love Bomb when it came to the potential to inspire thousands of people into international service.  I believe that doing service on an international level brings with it many questions in order to participate in a way that is truly beneficial to everyone involved.  This is a short piece beginning the inquiry into this very complicated topic.

14 Life Lessons From Peru (How To Serve Your Heart Out)

Hi There, it's Rhea here.  I took a moment to write a bit about life lessons learned on our recent service trip to Peru (many of you joined us for the Facebook Photo Journal Here!).  I just revisited the blog post that I had prepared to post before the Napa Earthquake sidetracked my ability to get back to it.  It is amazing to me how these 14 Life Lessons have been totally applicable and in action for me and my community in the past week!  I think life wants me to get these down!!

Here is the blog, written three days prior to the quake: