Host Highlight: Bruce & M.J. Pappas, Minneapolis/St. Paul Premier

We have partnered with Tugg in order to give the Love Bomb community a no-cost way to host very high quality theatrical screenings in their home towns.  I love that this creates a grass roots effort to place an indi film into a main street theater that would otherwise require an enormous budget to achieve.  The film takes on it's full life when seen on a beautiful big screen with impeccable sound, and there is nothing quite like looking around and realizing you are in community with others who share your passion for bringing more love bombs to life!

Hosting a film screening through Tugg is a unique choice in that though they make it very easy to set up, it takes some tenacity on the part of the host or hostess to sell enough tickets for the event to be "confirmed" and take place.  

I am creating as many tools as I can to support our hosts & hostesses to have a successful and empowering experience at achieving their goal to host Love Bomb for their community.  I am also learning from each person as they inspire me with their unique insight and ideas along the way!

Here I highlight our very first Tugg screening host, Bruce Pappas: