The Life Saving Power of Laughter, with Margaret McCarthie, Suicide Survivor Turned Clown

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What can I say.  You need to listen to this podcast.

Margaret reached out to me shortly after the release of Love Bomb after she saw it online.  At first I didn't know what to think, who was this clown person?  I am a convert to understanding after listening to her story.  I felt like my heart was blasted with love (yep, a Love Bomb) from hearing her incredible story of healing, love, and synchronicity.

She shares about how she moved from several suicide attempts and a psych ward to deep healing through the power of laughter working with Patch Adams in China and Tibet.

The simplicity of the gift of love and clowning inspires me through her story and is one of those "no skills" way to dramatically uplift one's own life.  Also, she says things like "wee teaspoon of hope."  


To get involved with the Patch Adams trips she speaks of: