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The Power of an Empowered Community

It's Rhea here and this week I'm thinking a lot about the power of Faith in oneself, and in another human being.  We've been focusing on it as facilitators in our My Love Bomb  Program facilitator training.

It is incredible to me how much more I can shine in the light of faith from another person, than in the shadow of doubt.

I find this to be powerful both one on one with others in my life, as well as in community.

I am very excited to be able to engage more in community with YOU, my virtual community with an upcoming launch of the "You Matter International" FB Group.  I have some fun invitations planned for a summer launch where I can begin to get more into circle with those of you engaged right here!

Stay tuned for a June launch.

Meanwhile, have faith, in yourself, and someone else.  Sometimes this requires forgiveness, and discernment, and yet even within that paradox, faith heals.

Love, Rhea

What are your game changers for 2017?

Hi There, it's Rhea here.  Happy 2017!  

This message is inspired by the time that I took with my husband to look at 2016 and celebrate our favorite moments.  What I didn't expect, is that as we looked at the growth, change, highlights, and evolutions that occurred for us on personal levels and as a family we realized that there were these "game changer" moments that occurred through a combination of our hope, faith, and courage.

We tried new things, and those new things led to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and growth.

I know that it can take a lot of hope, change, and courage to take a step out to try to make improvements, especially the longer challenges have been going on.

This conversation is a boost to encourage you to go for it with mapping out your dreams so that you can look back on 2017 and see that you stepped out and created the game changers to build the vision you dream of.

In celebration of the power of game changers, I'm also making Love Bomb free for the month of January when you sign up on the home page of this site right here:  


Have you been pondering the idea of making becoming a My Love Bomb Facilitator and changing the lives of women in your community one of your major game changers this year?  Let's talk!  


Here is to building a wholehearted year of more Love and more Connection, for you, and for those whose lives you contribute to.

Big Love,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek


What Do You Stand For?

Hello my Love Bomber family.

Today I bring you a podcast of the week that is an FB Live presentation,...I am back with "Best Day Ever" live videos to bring you a message from the heart addressing the pain, the disorientation, and the rickety "what next" so many people are feeling right now.

This 20 minutes will align you, regardless of your political leanings, into a vision for building your next empowered step.

I share my own vision, which is laid out right here.

If you align with this message, and want to be a part of what I am building, I welcome a connection.

You can email me at to start the conversation.

We are in this together.  With Love.  Which is Courage.  Which is Listening.

Big Love!


Life Is Happening Now, with Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

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This week I am happy to bring you episode 26 of the Love Bombers Podcast in a new format.  I am playing around with ways to inspire the community and so I am going to be doing some Love Bomber tips from the heart as we move into the next few months, interspersed with interviews of inspiring Love Bombers from around the world.

This week I share about the power of living right here, right now as I talk about discoveries along my own life path and in an inspired review of the book "You Are The One" by Kute Blackson, one of our favorites from the film Love Bomb.

I hope this inspires you to open up, live now, love now, and be refreshed into the moment of your life.

The Life Saving Power of Laughter, with Margaret McCarthie, Suicide Survivor Turned Clown

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What can I say.  You need to listen to this podcast.

Margaret reached out to me shortly after the release of Love Bomb after she saw it online.  At first I didn't know what to think, who was this clown person?  I am a convert to understanding after listening to her story.  I felt like my heart was blasted with love (yep, a Love Bomb) from hearing her incredible story of healing, love, and synchronicity.

She shares about how she moved from several suicide attempts and a psych ward to deep healing through the power of laughter working with Patch Adams in China and Tibet.

The simplicity of the gift of love and clowning inspires me through her story and is one of those "no skills" way to dramatically uplift one's own life.  Also, she says things like "wee teaspoon of hope."  


To get involved with the Patch Adams trips she speaks of:

Why Every Love Bomber Should Be Talking About Sex, With Sexologist Randi Levinson

Randi Levinson, M.A. CSC, CSE

Randi Levinson, M.A. CSC, CSE

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This is a unique conversation for me with Randi into a discovery of how her gifts contribute to healing and intimacy for couples, and ultimately, to adding to the reconnection and healing for human beings on a larger scale towards letting go of shame, finding self acceptance, and letting sex be a healthy part of our lives.

I am fascinated by the "Big Idea" of Love Bombers visions.  As Chiropractors this concept is very important to us.  We love looking at how the micro of what we do can impact the health of a culture.  Through this conversation with Randi I got to the awesome intersection of her natural calling to serve with the Big Idea of a more whole, more happy, more connection humanity.

Are you curious about how finding your "blissed out sexuality" could contribute to world peace?  

Give a listen.

More about Randi:  Randi received her B.A. in Psychology and went on to get a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California.  She is a Certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Expert and Certified Sex Coach.  

Her belief is that if your sexual activities are not harming you or others and there is consent with other adults- it is all okay and there is no "normal."

To connect with her: 




From Spread Thin to Whole and Enough, A Love Bomber Mommapreneur

Kelli Iverson Stuart

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Kelli Iverson Stuart is a mommapreneur business owner joining us on the Love Bombers podcast after just having completed the My Love Bomb Program in Napa and is among the inspiring women training to become facilitators for our September launch in the SF Bay Area.  

In this interview she opens up about how she found her current love bomb gift of bringing fitness to busy women looking for more joy, fulfillment, and harmony through opening her Dailey Method barre studio.  She shares about the journey from spread thin, to finding her fitness and "filling her cup" through the Dailey Method.  She then takes on the next steps of the journey where she decided to overcome her own introverted and fearfull limitations to become an instructor and owner of a new studio in Napa.  The common "Love Bomber" experience of pursuing your dream of giving to others, only to find yourself spread thin and stressed out again in the business of service, is complimented with how she is now finding her wholeness in the journey, reflected in enjoying the moments of changed lives now, as well as her family's joyful moments.

More on Kelli:

Kelli Iverson Stuart found The Dailey Method in 2009, shortly after having her 2nd son and was hooked after just one class. She was working a corporate job, struggling to balance work and her family, and quickly losing touch with herself. “I was really nervous to attend my first class because I was really out of shape after a difficult pregnancy and putting myself last for many years. But in a matter of minutes, I felt 100% supported and more importantly, empowered. The class was incredibly challenging, but I knew I had found something my body, mind, and soul truly needed. On top of that, I felt an immediate connection with the teachers and students in class. The sense of community was strong and energizing. I knew right away that I wanted to share The Dailey Method with other women, particularly in my hometown of Napa. I knew I had found my calling - to help other women get stronger from the inside out, so that they can live fuller, more joyful, more satisfying lives.” Kelli began training directly under Jill Dailey and received her master certification in 2013. After a long hunt for the perfect location, she opened The Dailey Method Napa in downtown Napa in May 2014. The studio is owned and operated in partnership with The Dailey Method.

To Connect with Kelli:

The Ethical and Fulfilling Business of Service

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In this episode of Love Bombers I speak with my own business coach Shawn Dill about the business of service.  As a Love Bomber myself I reached a point in my life where I had to choose that in order to keep going with my passionate hobby of making media, like the film Love Bomb, and other courses to uplift other people's lives, I would have to start making it a business in order to have the time and resources I spend on it also add value to my family.  I hired Shawn to help me look at this hobby and help me to align it so that I could turn it into a business where my authenticity, passion for service, and love for others was also aligned with the needs and values of enough people that I could earn money for my family in exchange.  Today Shawn speaks about the principles he uses to help me while answering pertinent questions from other Love Bombers wanting to be in the ethical and fulfilling business of service.

During the episode Shawn also references the book that has helped me, Book Yourself Solid.

To follow up with Shawn about specific questions, you can reach him here:



Love Bomber Story: An Inspiring Peacekeeper from Nepal

Love Bomber Story:  An Inspiring Peacekeeper from Nepal

In December of 2014 I had the grace of coming across the Indiegogo campaign of an incredible young woman, Sharmila Dhungana.  (

I felt an immediate inspiration from her way of articulating how she had spent her childhood and pre-teen years amidst the ten year long civil war in Nepal and was now firmly on a journey to discover what leads to peace, instead of war.  In her own words:   “As a kid, I remember watching thousands of deaths on the news every day, hearing conversations about war in tea shops and bus stops, sensing the continuous fear that suspended in the air, and thinking to myself, there must be some way out of this vicious cycle!”

She was raising funds to attend a program focused on conflict resolution.  As she introduced in her campaign, The Caux Scholars Program is an internationally recognized non-profit training course offered to young leaders from around the world, focusing on conflict analysis and resolution, helping the participants to be effective peace builders. (

After donating to her campaign, I reached out to see if she would be open to sharing about her experience with the Love Bomb community once she returned.I now have her beautiful answers to my questions, and continue to be inspired by her capacity to articulate the journey towards peace and how she is contributing to it.

14 Life Lessons From Peru (How To Serve Your Heart Out)

Hi There, it's Rhea here.  I took a moment to write a bit about life lessons learned on our recent service trip to Peru (many of you joined us for the Facebook Photo Journal Here!).  I just revisited the blog post that I had prepared to post before the Napa Earthquake sidetracked my ability to get back to it.  It is amazing to me how these 14 Life Lessons have been totally applicable and in action for me and my community in the past week!  I think life wants me to get these down!!

Here is the blog, written three days prior to the quake:

Stickers, Service, & Kids Love Bomb Project? A Mini-Summer Lesson!


Hi There!

Some of you have seen the film Love Bomb and others are still waiting for the chance,...once you do you will see that part of our story is that we collaborate with an elementary school to have the kids draw little love bomb stickers that we bring with us to gift to the children that we see there.

Well, this year we are going during summer vacation, kids are out of school!

We are looking to gather 100+ stickers to bring with us and we'll need them in hand by Wednesday, July 30!

This is where you and your kids come in!

Would you like to have your kids do a little summer sticker service lesson?

Here is what you'll need:

1.  Blank stickers (If you can't find blanks, printer labels will do just fine that you cut to separate for us!)

2.  Coloring pens, crayons, or pencils

3.  Envelope and stamp to send 'em to us!

Here is the lesson:

Ask your kids to think of something nice that will "brighten someone's day" that they can draw or write on a sticker that a child in Peru will enjoy.  In years past the kids have received these stickers like little "collectors items" that they put in special places.  It becomes a fun game and sweet exchange.

Here are some more examples:

We will bring the stickers with us and take as many photos as we can of children with the stickers to post in a follow up blog right here for you to share with your kid's!

It's a sweet little late-summer service project.

Are you in?  Awesome!

Please send the stickers to arrive by Wednesday, July 30 to:

Blossom Chiropractic Studio, 1834 First St., Suite 3, Napa, CA 94559

Thank you for playing!  

Big Love, Rhea

Host Highlight: Karen Shuffler, Asheville Premier

Hi, It's Rhea here, with another Love Bomb screening host highlight.  I am learning from every person who chooses to host a theatrical screening in their community.  This hostess was a special surprise:  my sister's mother-in-law, Karen Shuffler.  In the beginning I assumed that the vast majority of screenings would be hosted by chiropractors who would have built in reach for their events.  It has been a wonderful surprise to me that the first 3 Tugg screenings out of the gate have been hosted by non-chiropractors.

It was my mission when making the film to tell a story about transformation through love that resonates with a broad audience.  I am lit up seeing that it is hitting that mark and inspiring people in all walks of life to "drop a love bomb"!

This is an interview between me and Karen about her experience of dropping the Love Bomb on Asheville through a theatrical screening: