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Happy Valentines Day To Your Beautiful Heart

Happy Valentines Week To You!

I hope that you find a moment this week to enjoy some of the silly sparkles of the Valentines hearts floating around.  Regardless of whether or not you have a romantic partner to celebrate with (I went for years without that!), it's a sweet week to celebrate the lightness and love of the heart.

This week happens to be week number 2 in the My Love Bomb Program where we are focusing our attention on the building of both inner and outer harmony as an expression of Love.

I was inspired to take to the mic and record for you a podcast to help give you some insight to what we're going through while contributing some of that beautiful energy right back to you.

I also am bringing back the Body Love meditation this week recommendation as a Valentines Gift to your cells.

I hope you can find 20 minutes to calm and bring this gift of Love to every cell of your body.

Big Love to you!

Dr. Rhea

For the Love Of Your Body, A Conversation and A Meditation

Dr. Rhea in Sequoia National Park with her son Destry

Dr. Rhea in Sequoia National Park with her son Destry

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Sometimes what we really need is a Love Bomb right to ourselves.  Sort of the "put the mask on you first before you put it on the child."

This conversation and meditation focus on love, right here, right now, for the cells of your body.  

I am finding this incredibly useful for stopping and pressing play on love that will literally become the chemistry of my body.  It also happens to be a 20 minute guided meditation, the exact amount of time that Dr. Herbert Benson found to be the magic number for a daily "relaxation response" practice for helping our bodies to get out of stress response and into ease, which has a myriad amount of positive affects on health overall.

I also find that, well, calm happy full of love Rhea means nicer Rhea.  And that contributes love bombs to everyone, especially those closest to me who sometimes take the brunt of it when I have fallen into cranky not love bombing Rhea.  Pretty sure I'm not alone in that one!

So, go ahead and connect to the content with the podcast conversation, and then sink into a self-care self-love experience with the meditation.  Then do the meditation again tomorrow.  And the next day.  See what happens if you commit to a week, and then do another week.  

Here is to absolutely nourishing and loving ourselves as well shed so much love on others!

Here is to being love bombers!

Big Love,


P.S.  If you love this self-love experience, you will probably love the My Love Bomb Program.  

P.P.S.  Want more free stuff?  Check out the "My Balanced Life" 3 Part Free Mini Course by jumping into Part 1 Right here.

The Beautiful Story of Mindfulness, with Amy Tirion

Amy Tirion

Amy Tirion

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I get the opportunity this week to speak with another Culture Changer.  While our guest Linda Inlay focused on how she strategically helps schools to adapt new and healthy cultures, our guest this week Amy shares about how she is bringing mindfulness into corporations where she helps individuals to find their whole wholeness, while helping corporations build more mindful, kind, and healthy cultures as well.

I got connected to Amy when a friend tipped me off to her sweet book "Knowing Beautiful, A New Bedtime Story for Women."  She speaks about how she gained inspiration from reading her children their sweet bedtime stories, and how it helped her to realize women could use a conscious new bedtime story from criticism and not good enough, to love, acknowledgement, and acceptance.

Once again, it is so awesome to get to know a woman out there who is making an incredible difference in her world.

To connect with her:

More on Amy:

Amy Tirion is a Speaker, author, mindfulness consultant and founder of Delight for the Soul, Amy Tirion leads employee engagement and individual wellness and mindfulness programs that focus on the intellect, energy, and emotion of personal change.

Amy's profession started with a ten-year change management consulting career with Accenture included leading their "People, Values, and Culture" programs for the 1200 employees within their Bay Area offices. In 2011, she started Delight for the Soul to offer one-of-a-kind experiences that help her clients access their own source of wisdom, clarity, and inspiration.

Amy is one of fourteen inspiring women profiled nationally in a documentary series on Inner Beauty produced by Elizabeth Arden. Amy's book entitled Knowing Beautiful: A New Bedtime Story for Women won the national 2015 Silver Medal Living Now Award.

Amy's current focus it to bring mindfulness into organizations, as a consultant with the global firm, The Potential Project. She is also an artist, dancer, contributor to the Huffington Post and a restorative yoga trainer. Amy uses her background to bring different modalities of mind-body and creative exploration to her clients for holistic support of their change journey. Amy lives in San Francisco with her husband and two teenage daughters.