What are your game changers for 2017?

Hi There, it's Rhea here.  Happy 2017!  

This message is inspired by the time that I took with my husband to look at 2016 and celebrate our favorite moments.  What I didn't expect, is that as we looked at the growth, change, highlights, and evolutions that occurred for us on personal levels and as a family we realized that there were these "game changer" moments that occurred through a combination of our hope, faith, and courage.

We tried new things, and those new things led to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and growth.

I know that it can take a lot of hope, change, and courage to take a step out to try to make improvements, especially the longer challenges have been going on.

This conversation is a boost to encourage you to go for it with mapping out your dreams so that you can look back on 2017 and see that you stepped out and created the game changers to build the vision you dream of.

In celebration of the power of game changers, I'm also making Love Bomb free for the month of January when you sign up on the home page of this site right here:  


Have you been pondering the idea of making becoming a My Love Bomb Facilitator and changing the lives of women in your community one of your major game changers this year?  Let's talk!  


Here is to building a wholehearted year of more Love and more Connection, for you, and for those whose lives you contribute to.

Big Love,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek


The Patient Process of Unfolding Fulfillment, with Jessica Vance

Jessica Vance, MA

Jessica Vance, MA

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How perfect that I get to be interviewing Jessica Vance during the same week that we are launching the opening of registration for the My Love Bomb Program in Napa.  This is an unplanned grace, as I got to meet Jessica during the Beta run of the program in Napa during February to March of this year.

She is a truly beautiful woman, inside and out, and gives so much love to others.  In our conversation she shares about her own journey of unfolding from the desire to feel a fulfillment of purpose which started as an impatient journey in her 20's of lots of falls, to a patient journey in her 30's from Chef to Therapist with beautiful somatic skills to host a deep whole person listening for her clients.

Her story is an inspiration for anyone who feels like they know they have more inside of themselves than is currently expressed.  She is also a really soothing woman to listen to. 

To connect with Jessica email her at jessicavance78@gmail.com