What does the healing?

The next adventure continues with a podcast between me and Austin. In it we explore the art of life and healing. These will be monthly conversations about the philosophical lenses we look through as chiropractors at our Napa office, Blossom. This month we kick things off by exploring "What does the healing, Who is the healer? The power of Innate Intelligence."

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Golden Healing Heart Coherence


And the journey into the heart of love continues.

In the past year I have made it a habit to meditate between 10 minutes to 45 minutes every day. A lot of this meditation has been focused around the practices of self-compassion (as inspired by the work of Kristin Neff, which is amazing), coherence (as inspired by HeartMath Institute and the use of their Inner Balance app) and future-self visualization (as inspired by two decades of work as a student and teacher of Concept Therapy).

In addition to my own practice, I often build individualized visualizations from these techniques for clients following an adjustment as they rest in our zero-gravity chair resting room. These techniques build upon one another, and are like a deep innate hug.

I finally sat down to record a meditation for others using this method I have been working with. I call it “Golden Healing Heart Coherence.” Upon request of a friend, I also loaded it onto a free meditation app called “Insight Timer”, and, much to my amazement, I watched the track get listened to 3,000 times in a 24 hour period, and it is now up to around 4500 times the last I checked.

When I feel down about the state of the world, taking a moment to realize there are that many people out there intentionally picking up an app to meditate at the same time, I get pretty uplifted. I particularly love knowing they are doing this one, since it includes wrapping our mother earth in golden healing light.

You can try it out right here. Soon there will also be a 30 minute version available, for those with a more advanced meditation/concentration practice.

Also, for those who are curious, I have started blogging more regularly over at my chiropractic office website. I am working through a year long inquiry into core principles of healing. This month we are focusing on “Who is the healer? What does the healing? The role of innate intelligence.”

With love on the path of healing for individuals and the body of humanity,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

What kind of Sabbatical?

I shared that I am on “sabbatical” and I’ll fill you in more on what kind.  It’s an ambition sabbatical. I was inspired by this idea from a friend a few years ago who did the same.  Mine includes letting go of pursuing BIG massive visions of contribution and change and entrepreneuring combined, and instead focusing on small moments of deep and authentic connection.  It's a conscious slowing from idea to manifestation to market, and it's for a year.  It's a conscious slowing of the nervous system, in order to recalibrate and live in a new way, with new opportunities for insight and growth and healing and enjoyment of life and the people in it.

In letting go of this big ambition and spiritual business building, I also had the grace of letting go of said ambition and scrambling and hustling and totally relaxing in to the model of service I already had going on in my professional life as a chiropractor.  Since that time I have been loving the quiet care of one on one service to my clients. I have been loving the art of serving individuals, versus the craft of systematizing observations, patterns, and exact methods to serve broad groups and teach others to deliver such services.  I have been able to relax into my own beautiful service based business, as well as my own intricate gifts without having to translate them in any way.  It's somewhat of a luxury to be able to actually relax into one's life and realize it's actually totally enough.  

I recognize that for many, this isn’t yet the case, there is still a hustle need, and we are individual, not all need ambition fasts or social media fasts or any other kind.  We are unique in unique chapters. There is rhythm and chapter in life, and we enter and exit these as spiritual beings having a human experience in a particular cultural time on the planet.  Thus my love of unique and individualized care and conversation.

I also thought to clarify,....I tossed my planner.  Truth. I got another one! I still love things in writing, I just had to get rid of the one that was so ambition and manifestation focused and instead use one that is more relaxed with more of a mindfulness and conscious life rhythm focus.  It makes me smile because I know it carries my self-care plans and my gentle reminders of what I am working on because that, yes, planning, is still an important part of my self-care and life enjoyment.

Next up, a lot of you asked how to make the leap from social media plug-in to social media plug-out, specifically the Facebook one.  To this I have a story. Ten years ago when I was in India, working on a service project, the Guru of the ashram I was going to work at took me aside for a meeting.  For this meeting he got in the ashram car and had me come along. If you have ever driven in India, then you know, it’s totally bonkers on the roads with motor bikes, buses, rickshaws, trucks, cattle, bicyclists, sadhus, and the occasional elephant.  As he drove, he drove really slow, and it was like a river of chaos going around us both coming and going on all sides. He said, sometimes, to stay safe when everyone around you is going chaotically fast, you just go slow so they can all move around you.  

Well, in this cultural case, it’s kind of like that.  You actually can slow down, and the chaos can move around you, and then something magical can happen.  You can begin to notice others who have also slowed down, and, you can begin to notice yourself.

You can be there for you, and you can also hear the messages of life around you not being generated by technology constantly.  Life can speak through the actual spiritual matrix of life itself. The birds and animals that emerge with a story to tell. The people who cross your path in lucid moments.  The people you think of and then reach out to directly to connect to. And, learning and growth also arrives that is desired.  This learning and growth can be from outer and inner influences.

You actually start to disconnect from a matrix of false senses of spiritual connection, and you realign to a living matrix of a Universal Intelligence that is responsive and moving through all of creation and in that matrix, you feel yourself again, alive, divine, as you are.  And of course, this feeling, this remembering, fluctuates with forgetting and remembering and forgetting and remembering, but it’s there, and it feels far more real and long lived than the other to me.

I was reminded last weekend in a "Life/Art" dance workshop with Ana Halprin's daughter Daria Halprin that life truly is a dance.  It's not an arrival point.  It's not an intellectual occurrence.  It's a dance, an intersection, of body, motion, emotion, story, meeting the moment, meeting ourselves, meeting others, and meeting nature.  Ana is 98, and her daughter is in her 70's, and they both continue to dance and create.  They inspire me deeply in the art of healing and remaining alive while you are alive, and one of the qualities I see them embody strongly is curiosity.  Not knowing.  Curiosity.  

So there you have it, there you have me, curious, willing to step forward like Joseph Chilton Pearce encouraged me to do years ago when I had the grace of meeting him.  He said you can take a step forward, essentially into nothing, and something always forms underfoot.  Embodying the Heart, honoring the innate truth of one's soul, these things take courage and a willingness to go into the unknown.   

In witnessing my own journey of this and the lives of those I get to hold as a chiropractor, and your immense response to last week's email, you can know that if you are relating to this sharing, or years ahead on embodying it, you are not alone.  You are absolutely a part of a movement of humans awakening and asking what is next, and here we are then, embodying the answer with our inquiry, aspirations, and authentic desire to connect to ourselves, one another, and that which feels real.  We are literally taking a step OUT of what culture is saying to do, and we are landing into that which is real.  And newness, birth, healing, creating, and living are sometimes very messy and painful and there are vast unknowns, but here we are.

 Blessings & Respect,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek



Hi There.  It’s me. Rhea.

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past eight months.  Have you ever had a time in your life when you realized that your ambition had gotten in front of your aspiration?  And that you were working really hard to push a boulder up a hill, only to find out that you could just step aside and let it go?

Last April I came to the realization that I was working far too hard, and that the whispers of my heart were getting overshadowed by the ambitious strategies in my head.  I decided to take a break from leading the My Love Bomb Program. The program is currently on a major sabbatical. I realized that the format I was creating with leading, guiding, and supporting facilitators, while coming from a very heart driven-place and actually incredibly fulfilling relationship wise, was actually becoming a model of management that was burying me in administration and tech with no time to actually create and really connect with others.  It was also a model that needed my time at all times, so I hadn’t had a real vacation in several years. I was ALWAYS working. You know those glamorous, hay look at me, I have a phone or computer and I’m working at the beach pictures? Yeah. Not glamorous. That’s work. At a beach. Come on now! It also meant during my many hours of mom time, I was totally distracted with a million gajillion to do’s. I was never really present.

My business models also had me married to Facebook and Social Media.  Oh. And Mailchimp. I was making content faster than I could really sit with experience.  Ruminate on ideas. Let them come and go. Be someone who doesn’t know for awhile. Learn. Be super humble.  

I have taken a break from “copy writing” emails to you and from posting messages of “wisdom” on Facebook and elsewhere.  I decided to slow my roll. My personal challenge has been to slow sharing so much that my mind actually starts organizing thoughts again in a natural way vs. a “status update” way.  Speaking to me instead of a constant imaginary pedestal. And yeah, I do love that too, I have an innate desire to speak and share, but it is such a fine line between always thinking out vs. allowing life to ruminate within as a quiet experience between me and God.  Happy to say that it took probably 3-4 months of holding back, but I no longer think in status updates. Phew!

If you are engaged in social media than you might know, wow, before even taking in an experience and allowing it’s richness of life to absorb into your being, to sit, sink in, be, then maybe even dissolve, boom!  You’ve snapped it and shared it. The subtle essence of life just deflected, given away, all day. What is left then that is truly your’s? I see it now as a form of becoming hungry because you don’t digest life, so there you are, always looking for more, hungry hungry, and looking to get this fulfillment from the dopamine hits of likes vs. the constant gifts life is giving all day long in subtler forms.

And what, oh what, is my authentic voice, not the voice of “LOOK AT ME PLEASE OH MY GOD VALIDATE” but rather, here, I have a gift, there it is, shining like a flower blossoms to give it’s tender light, here, then gone.  Natural.

Do you know that I was also proud, really proud, of the fact that I was so organized that in moments of 10-15 minutes I could produce podcasts, make “big” differences, run businesses?  I even promoted teaching others to do the same thing. Well, I am going to admit this, and it’s a bit radical, but I threw my Passion Planner in the trash about six months ago. Ha. Yep.  Tossed it in. Do you know now what I do with extra 5, 10, and 15 minute breaks? I sit. I meditate (I’ve been using the “Inner Balance” app from HeartMath Institute. So. Great. More on coherence practice another time).  I also stare out the window and intentionally get bored. (By the way it’s been fun to see the research coming out on the benefits of boredom. Try it. See if you can get yourself bored at least once a day, it’s good for your health!)  

Sometimes I also pick up a book or catch up on my absolutely ridiculous Instagram feed. I stopped doing Facebook but I keep doing Instagram for sheer entertainment.  For depth I go to blogs, books, and oh, I notice when I’m not in contact with friends because instead of following them, I don’t, so you know what, I miss them!  Then I reach out. I’ve even taken to “slow friendship” by writing letters to long distance friends.

Do you know that along with the benefits of boredom is also the benefit of not filling your mind with more content than it can actually possibly process fully in a day?  Even benign information about friends at the amount that many of us have taken in (my feed was at the thousands) is not actually possible to digest, not only that, but it’s detrimental to your mental health and body.  Again. Getting bored. Important. If you want to think your own thoughts and feel your own innate voice and what is important for it to say, staying out of the popular culture fray of dictated this is the important thing for you to be figuring out and have an opinion on thing is pretty amazing to avoid. 

So, why this email?  I thought it was time to respectfully say hello and fill you in.  I feel this loving thread with those of you here, on this list. We have had some beautiful and meaningful exchanges over the years and many of you supported me in bringing out Love Bomb, and many of you connected to me through the You Matter groups.  And while I let go of steering the You Matter ship, many of the groups are actually still going either under the same name or a new one. I’ve kept the Napa one going though we’re also on sabbatical now ha. Rest. Holidays. Do Less.

And what is next for us here?  Well. I’m letting that gestate.  I am slow creating. I am a creator so I know that there is more bubbling up (okay admittedly there are many book ideas written down).  But I’m also really consciously working to allow what arises to be that of depth. An artistic arising connected to the divine within expressing to the divine without.  Maybe I’ll touch my blog again. We’ll see. No deadlines. 

So there you have it.  My little update :).

Blessings and Respect,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

Women's Empowerment, Women's Pleasure

In today’s “Coffee Talk” we tackle a few big topics in a quietly reflective and therapeutic way.  What does it mean to be an empowered woman?  How can a woman regain trust and build a positive relationship with her own pleasure?

The tone and direction very much make me think of one of our top You Matter Values- we find the power on the other side of vulnerability.

Give this a listen if you want to unlock some insights for yourself on regaining pleasure, claiming your own empowerment and healing, and ultimately, self-acceptance as you are.  Oh, and she says we all need to go out and buy ourselves a sex toy.  

More about Randi Levinson (http://www.randilevinson.com):

Randi Levinson has helped couples and individuals navigate their relationships and explore their sexuality for many years.  She received her B.A. in Psychology and went on to complete a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy from John F. Kennedy University in California. Because her passion is to help in the realm of sexuality, she went on to become a Certified Clinical Sexologist from the world renowned Sex Educator and Sexologist, Dr. Patti Britton in Los Angeles, California.

Resources Recommended Inside of the Call (Coming Soon):

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Flow, Adaptation, and the Creative Process of Manifestation.


Today I woke to an invitation from the Universe to practice flow.  It was awesome, because it was our You Matter International "Coffee Talk" guest telling me she was going to need to reschedule, and oh do I get that, as I myself was in the not feeling so well life is cancelled place a few weeks back.

I thought, well, I know something awesome is going to happen, what will we do and create instead?  Then I saw the post I had already pre-qued to go out in our You Matter International Facebook group:  "Flow is energy in motion. So you have to become the embodiment of energy in motion- that is, flexible, fluid, and fast on your feet."

From this space came a presentation and conversation unfolding on the process of flow and how it relates to the context of the creative process.  I share about the stages of creation as spelled out by Dr. Thurman Fleet in Concept Therapy and how a few of those stages offer the invitation for flow as both adaptation and ultimately as a kind of cosmic, or, love consciousness.

Join us in the conversation right here!  (And, join our community for invitations to future coffee talks, like, our now "Women's Empowerment, Women's Pleasure" happening on Valentines Day morning, 9:30-10:30 pst). 

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The Self-Compassion and Self-Responsibility Dance


When we hit the road on the personal growth path, we are often faced with paradox.  

I happen to think it’s because we live in a paradox world.  Want to feel joy?  Gotta know what pain is.  In fact, have to be willing to feel both.  You get it.

Today I want to touch upon the paradox of self-responsibility and self-compassion.

I’ve been deep diving of late into the book “The Little Money Bible” after our December You Matter International Money Mindset workshop.  In fact, I’m having fun sharing a quote a day inside of our You Matter International FB group in order to keep meditating on quotes from it this month.

One quote in particular says “I hope you will see that in some instances, compassion can be described as the manifestation of love in action.  And that money is, in part, the fuel by which you express greater compassion- by transcending a poor self-image, loving yourself, being there for others; and by being grateful for the immense gift that has been bestowed upon you, the first and greatest gift you will ever receive- the gift of life.” - Stuart Wilde, The Little Money Bible

Ah!  I love looking at money, and receiving it, in connection with the practice of self-love and self-compassion.  In another part of the book however, he shares that “people now realize that they are responsible for their own empowerment.  They see that taking responsibility is a spiritual act; it allows each one the freedom to become more.  Accepting responsibility is an uncomfortable thing, for within that idea is the birth of the true individual.”

Ultimately then, our abundance or lack thereof, is part of accepting our responsibility for where we are at in the world.  And taking responsibility sounds great, until you become a victim of something atrocious, or you get diagnosed with that illness, or you are simply born into rotten circumstances.

So how do we honor our victimhood to life while looking to claim our wholeness, our healing, our empowerment?  

I think that it lies in accepting a metaphysical responsibility for where we find ourselves now, as conscious adults, in life, because it is from here that we can then find the empowered view that brings us the traction to move into a renewed state of living. It is then that we can claim our power in life so as to move forward with forgiveness, love, strength, and wisdom.  From there we can then truly live life with joy, abundance, and loving relationships.  

You might ask then how do I rectify becoming fully self-responsible for where I am in my life, with money and with health and with all of the things, while also having heaps of loving self-compassion for what has come about? Can I lovingly accept my imperfections, my falls, my moments of victimhood and my moments as perpetrator in order to be more fully human?  A human capable of being a bigger vehicle for real love, which sees all, accepts all, and chooses to embody and gift big heapings of acceptance to the world?  

I think that holding a very loving and compassionate dose of self-responsibility is key to claiming a fulfilling life.  Maybe in fact, it’s totally an expression of self-love to accept self-responsibility (empowerment) for being able to be with life as it is.  And from as it is, we can then steer our life towards that which we want to create, all while holding huge heaps of self-love and self-compassion for the as-isness of life now.

I love that the quote on self-compassion in The Little Money Bible actually would then imply that by holding that, we actually align more to loving flow, and ultimately to gratitude and amplification of the metaphysical attraction energy that will bring more of what we are wanting into our lives.

So maybe heaps of self-responsibility (empowered view) and self-compassion can help us to bring about more loving joy in the world, manifest as action, energy, and money, that we can then spread around for the good of life!

This is certainly my mission, and I am grateful for the many of you who are aligned on this path!

Here is to a year of heaps of loving self-compassion, coupled with intentional alignment to the flow of love and divine expression in life as our Love Bomber selves.  Here is to the amplification of love in action, of connection, of healing.  Love really is brave isn’t it?


Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

P.S. Ready for a deep dive transformation process focused on absolute unconditional loving approval designed to help you amplify your gifts to life?  Consider joining us in the My Love Bomb Program starting February 5 - March 30 or bring it to your town as a My Love Bomb Program Facilitator this year by taking the program virtually February 5th-March 30th and signing up for the 2018 Facilitator Training.


Money Mindset with Dr. Lacey Book

Yes! This is our first "Coffee Talk" version of the You Matter International Virtual Women's Group Gathering and what an awesome way to start a week!

In this conversation Lacey helps us to push our concepts around money and life into expansion.  It's an awesome December action to take as we prep for expansion dreams in 2018.

Take home Action Steps!

Take Home Points:

1. Expand your concepts around money by reading "The Little Money Bible"
2. Highlight quotes from the book that expand your ideas and feel good, as well as those that challenge.
3. Post those quotes where you will see them regularly and consider putting some on your Dream Board.
4. Set an "Abundance Alarm" on your phone for mind expanding wake-ups.
5. Set rewards for when you hit new levels of abundance in your money goals and get your neurology reprogrammed for an expanded life.

Wanna be sure to connect to our community and future life coffee talks?  Join here (currently signing up for the Dream, Vision, Build free community challenge in January as well as coffee talks invitations):  mylovebomb.com/join-the-community


Anchor To Your Strengths with Author Melinda King Brecheisen

Are you ready to Amplify Your Strengths?.png

In this You Matter International virtual workshop we meet with author of Anchor To Your Strengths (anchortoyourstrengths.com) Melinda King Brecheisen.

She is massively inspiring in teaching us the power of learning what our strengths are through the Strengths Finder system, and then focusing on them for uniquely working towards goals in our lives.

In this quick virtual workshop you will:

  • GET why focusing on your Strengths is so full of ease.
  • Learn the power of Anchoring
  • Experience Anchoring to the Feeling of "Empowerment"
  • Learn how to use Anchoring with Essential Oils 
  • Learn how to use your Strengths to uniquely pursue your goals.

This is a perfect workshop as we gear up towards an empowered vision of what we are going to bring into our lives in 2018 with the free 8 day "Dream, Vision, Build" challenge being delivered to everyone in the You Matter International community.

Interested in receiving that plus more You Matter International free workshops? Join our community here:  eepurl.com/c4dBrv

MLB Week 5 of 8: Napa Community and Open Hearts

Hi There,  Rhea here.

This is a message from the heart updating friends and family on our situation as we are evacuated during the Napa fires, as well as a front lines heart message of the continuation of the study of our human family broken open hearts.

We are in the midst of our My Love Bomb Program and continued to hold space for one another during the week as our Napa group had to be on hold but our other groups still happened.  I held our group community call On Monday night after having had a crazy night of evacuation for our family the night before.  I am grateful for the community I host, and, am a part of.

My the My Love Bomb and You Matter community's Love continue to amplify, grow, and light us up.

Big Love,


MLB Insider's Scoop Week 4 of 8: Trauma as Transformation

Hi There, Rhea here.

What a week in the world.  This has been a heart breaking week for us in the U.S. with another mass-murder.  Wow, writing those words makes it sink in even more.  I hate that since the making of this film there have been so many moments where the mission of the healing we were demonstrating is so stupidly relevant.  

When we were filming the interview of Marilyn Schlitz and Dean Radin we turned on our phones in between to find out that Sandy Hook had happened.  My face was already on fire from a combination of reaction to a facial the day before (I had woken with it swelled up all around) and the news that week that mom's cancer had metastasized.  

Life sometimes seems to just keep kicking us in the ass instead of taming down to a calm keel.  And the story of when it rains it pours, well, that happened this past month as well.

In the depths of the fact that part of life is trauma, and these traumas are a combination of human caused, human behavior related, and nature taking it's course, we have chosen to address the possibility of trauma as a transformational process within the My Love Bomb Program, and, inside of the film Love Bomb itself.

In fact, if you are looking for a full injection of the hope inside of humans, and our capacity to heal and transform, after you watch the clip, watch the film, it's free here.

Angels are all around us in the form of human helpers, we are stronger than we think, and pain is an indication of the need for healing, and healing is a form of transformation.  There is also no road to healing that I know of that doesn't involve moving through the pain to get to the other side.  If you need to feel uplifting possibility, tune in to the good that being shared about all of the human helpers that put their lives on a limb to help out on Monday in Las Vegas.  The good ones outweigh the bad, and we can heal from this, and hopefully, embody the vulnerable journey of becoming Love Bombers.

In fact, I'm going to share what that means right here in terms of our values, because, it takes grit, courage, and community to be open hearted and loving in the face of what life is asking of us:

  • We practice unconditional Love.

  • We empower and take care of ourselves so that we can do the same for others.

  • We believe everyone has inherent value and gifts to offer the world.

  • We anchor to the heart.

  • We are stronger together.

  • We forgive each other and ourselves.

  • We accept responsibility for our actions and their impact on others.

  • We find power on the other side of our vulnerability.

  • We have fun.  ;)  

  • We take a stand.

  • We achieve our vision with grit and healthy endurance.

Together we stay alive, we stay human, which means a willingness to break open instead of break down and shut down.  The lotus blossoms from the murky waters, and we can do that individually and collectively.  

Meanwhile, as my dear friend and My Love Bomb Facilitator Dr. Lauren Clum would say, you all are in my love bubble, so if you need some extra encouragement or hand holding during this time, reach out by connecting over at our Facebook group, You Matter International.

Big Love!


MLB Week 2 of 8 Insider's Scoop: Building Harmony as an Element of Love

Hi!  Rhea here with this week's My Love Bomb Program insider scoop, as I work to bringing you applicable content while running the eight week program.

Last night's small group portion in Napa brought me so much ease, connection, support, encouragement.  Oh my gosh, basically, the best of what can happen when women come together in a calm space and drop into being.

I'm bringing you a continuation from last week's theme of "asking" with the next steps of action, identifying harmony, innate trust, and finding life momentum.

With so much to attend to in terms of the loving service we can provide to hold up one another when we have fallen, or the world has crumbled a bit around us, it's vital to do the work to be standing love bombers capable of offering clear vibrations of uplifted love and insight.

We need to be leaders in our own lives whenever possible, so that we can be more effective love bombers when nature is calling, which, she is.

I hope this helps you build more ease and harmony inside of your body, your mind, your life, your community, and our collective humanity.

Big Love,



Ready for a Mini-Journey? My Love Bomb Program Week 1 of 8

Hi There!  It's Rhea and I am fresh inside of Week 1 of the My Love Bomb Program after months of preparations.  Last night's group experience in Napa was so wonderfully heart warming.  I feel an instal-boost of relaxation into love, enough-ness, support, and being right here.  That combined with the group call from Monday night where we instantly saw just how not alone we are in our desires to serve, our sometimes isolation, our uncertainties of where we're heading, and our insta-tonified feeling from connection has me feeling ready to share the experience with you in a mini-version.

Me and the rest of the facilitators will be letting you in on min-bits of what we are doing each week while inviting you to join us with a little exercise that can help you to pause, soften, open, listen, and expand into the next evolutionary level of you.

This week we're asking you to take a pause of intentional self love and love of others, use that to intention to open up.  Then, in a relaxed way, listen to the little "anxious tugs" inside if yourself, allow them to bubble forward as a question.  Write those questions down.  That's it!  No answer finding, no goal setting, just, what is my question?

From questions come answers, steps, and the light becomes shined on stagnancy so that momentum of healing and change and answers can begin.  

I'll be back next week with another step, and I'll also be sharing these inside of the You Matter International Facebook group where other women like you are hanging out.

Big Love!


Are You Worth It?

Are you worth it?


Today’s message is a brave one for me to share, however, the desire to be of service to those who need to hear it is winning.

Check it out.  I come to you a woman who has experienced the need to advocate for herself inside of her marriage and family life to say “this is valuable to me, end of story, I am worth it” when it comes to asking for time or money towards something that will benefit me.  I also come to you as a provider of “alternative” to mainstream culture offerings such as chiropractic for whole person healing and personal growth seminars for 11 years.

I have felt and seen similar patterns and that’s what I am talking about today.

The pattern is this:  our families tend to have value systems, whether they are spoken or not.  Maybe we value vacations, maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value proactive health and wellness care.  Maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value personal time.  Maybe we don’t.  Maybe we value personal growth.  Maybe we don’t.  You get it.

Well, I am promoting something here- it’s valuing the truth of one another’s hearts.  Even if where they are being innately led to is “not going to work.”  Change is unknown.  New paths are unknown.  What if it’s okay to try something new?  

Okay, I’m not advocating huge investments of time or money that totally disrespects the needs of the family members.  I am advocating a freedom to look at supporting things that might be outside of the norm of what would be valued in order to try expanding into a framework of family and personal values towards personal growth, health, and well-being.

So what is it that you are valuing?  Where is your heart leading you?  Are you worth it?  If not now, then when?

Don’t wait until it’s a fire.  Pay attention to your heart’s desire while it’s a little flame, and honor that in those that you love!  Then it’s a fire of a lit up life, versus a crew in crisis.

Big Love!



When Good Change is Scary, Keep Going

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide.

One of the most transformational experiences of my life was sailing out to the open ocean and losing sight of the shore for the first time, knowing I'd see land two weeks later. This was pre-internet connections! Watch if you need a trust the process pep talk, a few new ideas to understand your own change process (pain, discomfort, fear, muck), and encouragement for a loving container in the process.

The Healing Power of Unconditionally Loving Acceptance in a Group

Hi!  It's Rhea and to those of you amazing people who just joined in on this newsletter list through the Open Hearted Life Challenge and Mile High, welcome!  I am so happy to bring you content that inspires, connections, and encourages healing.

To those who didn't just join, I'm back!  I have to say, I apologize for being out of touch for a moment there!  Between hosting the Open Hearted Challenge which a lot of you were a part of, and preparing to head out to Mile High in Colorado to present to the conference, my hands were really full.

It's been a powerful month of healing, landing in the heart, and connecting with incredible people.  The conference in Colorado was very heart touching as I got to be with so many others who are dedicated to touching people's lives for the better.

I presented on three things:  1.  That you are enough as is.  2.  The healing power of "Awe" (getting small to find your big), and 3. The healing power of coming together into an empowered community dedicated to unconditionally loving acceptance.

Number three isn't easy to sustain, but wow is it incredible to create and live in for the times that we can.

We are coming close to the healing container that is the My Love Bomb Program running September 11-November 3rd, and it is set as a healing space for women to come together in total acceptance as they open up to their core empowered truth, finding their unique voices, and giving those to life.  

We have groups filling up in Arcata, Oakland, S. San Francisco, Tacoma, Denver, and Napa with more to come in February.    To join one of those, head right here.

We also have incredible women joining in from a distance as prospective facilitators looking to go through profound growth themselves, while bringing the program to their community in 2018.  If you are interested in that path, reply to this email and let's be sure to talk soon as registration closes September 8th.

Thank you for being a part of this greater "You Matter" community!  If you'd like to engage with our group, head over and join us on Facebook. 

I'm happy to be connecting with more and more of you over there, and have plans brewing for more fun and connection with you there.

Big Love to you!


Open Hearted Life Challenge! (July 24 - August 4th, 2017)

Hi There!  I am so excited to invite you all to the Open Hearted Life Challenge starting this Monday, July 24- August 4th, 2017!

Here is what it's all about:

If you are you ready to clear out the mental clutter, connect to what is meaningful to you, and share in collective awe this summer, then this is going to be the perfect "challenge" for you!

Together we will experience the power of:

5 Minutes of daily self-reflection
daily moments of awe
dropping into the heart using positive psychology audios
connecting to an international community of value-sharing women through group connection calls and the community You Matter International group on Facebook

Each day of the 12 Day Challenge includes:

Listening to your Breathe Love track of the day, which will be delivered via email and will take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

Filling out your daily self-reflection mind-map that correlates with the track of the day. (PDF attached to this email; 2-3 min)

Taking a photograph of something that elicits a feeling of "awe" to you. (1 min)
Sharing the photograph via Instagram or Facebook with #OpenHeartedLifeChallenge1/12 (2-3 min)

Seeing the "winning photo" shared in the You Matter International Facebook group. (Daily winners will be selected via Instagram and Facebook. Winners will be announced inside of the You Matter International Facebook group and will then receive an opportunity to share a little extra love with the person of their choosing...I will write a card directly to that person, featuring my own daily AWE photograph.)

In 12 days you will:

Feel more clarity about what matters to you
Feel more in the moment
Enjoy your summer
Calm your mind and tune into your heart
Connect with other like-minded women

Key Challenge Dates:

July 24th-August 4th
Receive daily emails with the Breathe Love track of the day, a quick message of encouragement, and your daily mind-map self-reflection theme.
Monday, July 24th
Challenge Launch Connection call with Rhea via Zoom: 7:30-8:30 PM PCT (Call-in info will be delivered to your inbox that day)
Monday, August 7th
Challenge Closure Connection call with Rhea via Zoom:  7:30-8:30 p.m. PCT (Call-in info will be delivered to your inbox that day)
August 14th-17th
In-person challenge connections for participants in cities with You Matter Meetups (Arcata, Denver, Portland, Tacoma, Oakland, S. San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Napa) (See complete details at YouMatterMeetups.Com)

I am so excited about this opportunity to get closer to this community, and, for you all to get closer to one another!

Big Love,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek