After Winter Will Come Spring, Part 2

Hi There,

Rhea here with a continuation on a theme of looking at the patterns of the universe to bring about more comfort and clarity to our every day lives.  It is so easy to get stuck, scattered and lost in the microcosm of life's events with the myriad flavors of emotions brought about.  Especially in the midst of winter and holiday time.

In Part 2 I bring us from looking at the rhythmic nature of the seasons and their effect on our lives and bodies, and we look at how we can participate in bringing about, well, an awesome spring.

It's about nourishment.  Nourishment physically, emotionally, and that deep deep soul stirring nourishment.  

You can watch listen right here:

Is it all resonating deeply?  Perhaps you are ready for more.  The My Love Bomb Program, a full two month immersion into building your body and life to reflect love, is starting in February of 2017 and registration is now open for participants, and, future facilitators.

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Big Love!

Dr. Rhea

After Winter Will Come Spring, Part 1

Hi There,

The looking to nature theme continues with this one as I take a look at our placement in life in relationship to the rhythm of the seasons, both in a "where we are in life right now" feeling as well as a way of orienting to the phenomenon of "winter", "spring", "summer", and "fall" in our own lives and bodies.

Next week I will be back with Part 2, as we take a look at how we can steer the tone of the budding new season in our lives and bodies by creating an environment of nourishment for our changing lives and bodies to grow into.

Big Love!

Dr. Rhea

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When Life Feels Chaotic, Part 2 from "Chaos is Transformation"

Hi There,

Following up on the podcast release of "chaos is transformation" I felt called to jump onto FB Live during one of my "Best Day Ever" broadcasts to chat some more about how we can start to tonify the feeling of chaos by noticing patterns in nature that link us to a much longer and more stable feeling of secure placement within the intelligence of life than our minds can sometimes feel by staring at the microcosm of our own personal or collective chaos.

Here is the clip!

I'm on a "let's look to nature for clues about life" kick this month, and it feels harmonious.



Chaos is Transformation

Have you ever felt like you landed on a plateau of healing, took a deep breath and said, "thank god that is over with" only to find yourself catapulted into the next feeling of life chaos?

Well, in this podcast I chat about the phenomenon of chaos, or, life foundation change, as a part of the transformation growth process.

Of course, life chaos does not always mean growth process, it can simply mean chaotic habits, but it can also be a sign when life moves from stable to chaotic to stable to chaotic that there is growth happening, or, in other words, the natural process of change and evolution.

I feel we are experiencing this both globally and individually, and, find it valuable, healing, harmonizing, and supportive to move out of isolation and into community as we move through this time both as a humanity and as individuals.

Take a listen and, if you feel called to participate with me as a leader in this evolution, I would love to talk!  You can email me at to see if becoming a My Love Bomb Facilitator in 2017 might be your next Love Bomb.

How do I face my family? (Happy Thanksforgiving)

Today in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving, a time of gathering with family and friends and sharing in gratitude amidst the plethora of other life circumstances that surround us.  It is an amazing opportunity to focus on the good, and today, I give an added message of bringing the power of forgiveness to the table.

I hope that today brings love for millions around the country, and the world.  May the good in our hearts amplify and take shape.




Where is Your Compass Taking You?

Hi There Love Bombers,

Last week I was all about what you stand for, and today I bring that theme forward ask I ask you where your compass is taking you.

Do you know where you are heading?  Do you feel connected to your own innate voice, innate drive, innate direction?

As we round up on the end of 2016 and start to focus on the glimmers of what we want to build out of 2017 and beyond, it is so powerful to remain true to your inner compass, and to take the time to connect to it.

If you are looking for further ways to sink deep IN to you, and to building more connection to your own happiness and fulfillment while giving the gifts you know you are meant to give to life, then I recommend you check out the My Love Bomb Program for the February-March 2017 round in Napa, California, or even consider the path of bringing it to your city for 2017.

What Do You Stand For?

Hello my Love Bomber family.

Today I bring you a podcast of the week that is an FB Live presentation,...I am back with "Best Day Ever" live videos to bring you a message from the heart addressing the pain, the disorientation, and the rickety "what next" so many people are feeling right now.

This 20 minutes will align you, regardless of your political leanings, into a vision for building your next empowered step.

I share my own vision, which is laid out right here.

If you align with this message, and want to be a part of what I am building, I welcome a connection.

You can email me at to start the conversation.

We are in this together.  With Love.  Which is Courage.  Which is Listening.

Big Love!


For the Love Of Your Body, A Conversation and A Meditation

Dr. Rhea in Sequoia National Park with her son Destry

Dr. Rhea in Sequoia National Park with her son Destry

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Sometimes what we really need is a Love Bomb right to ourselves.  Sort of the "put the mask on you first before you put it on the child."

This conversation and meditation focus on love, right here, right now, for the cells of your body.  

I am finding this incredibly useful for stopping and pressing play on love that will literally become the chemistry of my body.  It also happens to be a 20 minute guided meditation, the exact amount of time that Dr. Herbert Benson found to be the magic number for a daily "relaxation response" practice for helping our bodies to get out of stress response and into ease, which has a myriad amount of positive affects on health overall.

I also find that, well, calm happy full of love Rhea means nicer Rhea.  And that contributes love bombs to everyone, especially those closest to me who sometimes take the brunt of it when I have fallen into cranky not love bombing Rhea.  Pretty sure I'm not alone in that one!

So, go ahead and connect to the content with the podcast conversation, and then sink into a self-care self-love experience with the meditation.  Then do the meditation again tomorrow.  And the next day.  See what happens if you commit to a week, and then do another week.  

Here is to absolutely nourishing and loving ourselves as well shed so much love on others!

Here is to being love bombers!

Big Love,


P.S.  If you love this self-love experience, you will probably love the My Love Bomb Program.  

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My Balanced Life Free Mini Course, Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3 of the My Balanced Life Free Mini Course.  

In this episode of the course I bring you  the "My Balanced Life Mind Map System"


This system, coupled with mapping your big soul dreams and desires that we did in Part 2, will help you to intentionally craft the balance plan that will have you moving towards your dreams while embracing and enjoying your life now.

We spend time identifying the elements in your life that you are currently trying to balance, or rather often, are feeling squeezed thin by.  This is the process of noticing the energy inside of your body and your life in order to get clearer about what you need to say no to, and what to say yes to.  

It is also about mapping out the self care that you will put into your lifestyle in order to care for the body that you want to be living in, fully healthy, when you arrive at the manifestation of the dreams you are building for the future.

It is my hope that you are able to put these modules into practice in order to establish yourself into a strong feeling of peace, ease, and health.

With Love,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek



P.S.  If you love this type of content, you will probably love the My Love Bomb Program.

My Balanced Life Free Mini Course, Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of the My Balanced Life Mini Course.  In Part 1, we talked about what balance means to us and the general process of beginning to build more of that in our life through knowing that essentially we are successfully juggling the elements of our life that we want to participating in, all while moving in the direction of our dreams, goals, and big visions.

In Part 2 we begin the Passion Planner process of identifying your big life changing dreams you want to build, and the "game changers" that you will create along the way to get you there.

In order to walk through these steps, you will want to download free printable pdf's from the Passion Planner website, or use your own planner if you have chosen to order one for this process. 


PDF's to download from the Passion Planner website are:

The Passion Roadmap

The Monthly Guide (Passion Planner Classic, both Monthly Layout, and Monthly Reflection) 

The Weekly Guide (Passion Planner Classic)

Once you have completed your Part 2 dream roadmap with the passion planner guides, you are ready for Part 3.  There we will walk you through the My Balanced Life Mind Map System, a tool that I developed in order to hone in on what it is that is absolutely important to you, so that you know what you want to make sure is making it's way into your life, and therefore, your calendar.



P.S.  If you love this type of content, you will probably love the My Love Bomb Program.


My Balanced Life Free Mini Course, Part 1

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Hi Love Bombers!

This week I am excited to bring you Part 1 of a 3 Part podcast series I am recording as a free mini-course on building the balanced life.

This content has been created, presented, and refined over the past 6 months and I keep hearing from women that they wished that they could access it.  

Part 1 is the introduction to what is balanced, what is that elusive thing we are looking for, and are there practical ways that we can build more of it in our life.  You will get the opportunity to check in for yourself on this important question.

I will give a little insight into the Passion Planner, the scheduling/dream planning tool that I am going to break down as a tool to use for building more life balance.  You will have the links to download their free pdf's in week 2, or you can decide to purchase one if you'd like to use the full planner.  (I'm not an affiliate, I just love the product!) 

I am so happy to share this content and see how it provides a more calming landscape for people like yourself who so need it as they bring their gifts to the world.

Big Love,

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek



P.S.  If you love this type of content, you will probably love the My Love Bomb Program!


The Beautiful Story of Mindfulness, with Amy Tirion

Amy Tirion

Amy Tirion

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I get the opportunity this week to speak with another Culture Changer.  While our guest Linda Inlay focused on how she strategically helps schools to adapt new and healthy cultures, our guest this week Amy shares about how she is bringing mindfulness into corporations where she helps individuals to find their whole wholeness, while helping corporations build more mindful, kind, and healthy cultures as well.

I got connected to Amy when a friend tipped me off to her sweet book "Knowing Beautiful, A New Bedtime Story for Women."  She speaks about how she gained inspiration from reading her children their sweet bedtime stories, and how it helped her to realize women could use a conscious new bedtime story from criticism and not good enough, to love, acknowledgement, and acceptance.

Once again, it is so awesome to get to know a woman out there who is making an incredible difference in her world.

To connect with her:

More on Amy:

Amy Tirion is a Speaker, author, mindfulness consultant and founder of Delight for the Soul, Amy Tirion leads employee engagement and individual wellness and mindfulness programs that focus on the intellect, energy, and emotion of personal change.

Amy's profession started with a ten-year change management consulting career with Accenture included leading their "People, Values, and Culture" programs for the 1200 employees within their Bay Area offices. In 2011, she started Delight for the Soul to offer one-of-a-kind experiences that help her clients access their own source of wisdom, clarity, and inspiration.

Amy is one of fourteen inspiring women profiled nationally in a documentary series on Inner Beauty produced by Elizabeth Arden. Amy's book entitled Knowing Beautiful: A New Bedtime Story for Women won the national 2015 Silver Medal Living Now Award.

Amy's current focus it to bring mindfulness into organizations, as a consultant with the global firm, The Potential Project. She is also an artist, dancer, contributor to the Huffington Post and a restorative yoga trainer. Amy uses her background to bring different modalities of mind-body and creative exploration to her clients for holistic support of their change journey. Amy lives in San Francisco with her husband and two teenage daughters.



On The Other Side of Fear, is Freedom.

This is probably my absolute favorite quick FB Live that I did during the three weeks leading up to the launch of the My Love Bomb Program in Napa.  I felt so inspired when talking about making that leap through the threshold of fear onto the other side,....where freedom lies.

This is a great quick listen for a boost of confidence when stepping forward in your life.

Life Is Happening Now, with Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek

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This week I am happy to bring you episode 26 of the Love Bombers Podcast in a new format.  I am playing around with ways to inspire the community and so I am going to be doing some Love Bomber tips from the heart as we move into the next few months, interspersed with interviews of inspiring Love Bombers from around the world.

This week I share about the power of living right here, right now as I talk about discoveries along my own life path and in an inspired review of the book "You Are The One" by Kute Blackson, one of our favorites from the film Love Bomb.

I hope this inspires you to open up, live now, love now, and be refreshed into the moment of your life.

Do You Have a Big Decision to Make?

Hi!  This is one video in a series of videos that were recorded live on Facebook giving tips and ideas inspired by benefits of the My Love Bomb Program.  Here I talk about the challenges of facing big life decisions, and a quick tip for landing into the heart, taking a pause, and creating the opportunity to sink in to find the right path.

Are You On The Road to Burnout?

Amazing Love Bombers almost always have a similar thread in common:  we operate on the verge of burnout, or we have burned out, as we express our service in life.

In this FB Live I jumped on to chat about this theme and provide some of my tools and ideas for how to watch for it and shift direction.  This is so big for anyone working in the non-profit sector especially!

These are a part of a series of short videos I have been doing as we move towards the start of our September-October 2016 run of the My Love Bomb Program in Napa.  

For more details about the program:

Being a Culture Builder, with Linda Inlay

Linda Inlay

Linda Inlay

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Wow.  This is one of those podcast conversations where I want to say:  just listen.  Listen.

For those who need more cajoling,.....I'll share about it!  Linda Inlay is an educator who spent a career bringing a technique of culture building called "Awakening Wisdom" to schools.  She shares an incredible experience about building a culture based on responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness in schools.

I am inspired by the hope that she embodies for bringing change to our public schools and helping students and teachers and parents to gestate in environments that are designed to create natural and relaxed growth and development that starts with an assumption of acceptance.

As a builder of new culture with the My Love Bomb Program and a witness to seeing what happens when you intentionally create an environment of unconditional loving acceptance, I am very excited to think that her work could permeate the public domain.

If you are someone who works with teams in education, in business, or in your service work, this content can inspire you towards the system of culture that you build within yourself and those you are working with.

Together we make the worldview change from fear to love.  Inside of ourselves, and within our communities.  

More on the amazing Linda:  

Linda began her career as an educator at Our Lady of Sorrows School in Wahiawa, Hawaii, where she worked for fifteen years. There she collaborated with the founders of the Ho`āla Educational Philosophy, a combination of Adlerian principles and Carl Roger’s self-actualization theory. Ho`āla in Hawaiian means, “awakening of the self.” Today this way of organizing a school is called “Awakening wisdom.” This program emphasized the core values of responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness to be modeled by the adults in order to foster these same values in the students. 

In 1988 Linda left Hawaii for California, entering the public school system and serving for eighteen years as the principal of River School in Napa County, where she introduced Awakening Wisdom. She taught parenting classes to bring home and school culture together, and during her tenure, River School received two California Distinguished School Awards, the Promising Practices Award and National School of Character Award from the Character Education Partnership, and the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award. In 2012 River School also became a New Tech Network School where project-based learning is infused with technology as an engaging and effective methodology for teaching and learning. 

Linda has presented at numerous conferences: National Middle School Association, Character Education Partnership, California Middle School Association, National Charter Schools, California Charter Schools Association, North Coast Educational Summit. She has authored four articles published in ASCD’s Educational Leadership. Her thesis, Ho`āla School The Transformation of Character Through the Implicit Curriculum, continues to be used a training guide for teachers at schools. Her first journal article, “Creating a Culture of Respect Through the Implicit Curriculum”, was published in the January 2016 issue of Middle School Journal.

You can find her here:

To get involved in "Village Napa" to help support teen mental and emotional health:

From Broken Down to Broken Open

Hi!  This is one video in a series of videos that were recorded live on Facebook giving tips and ideas inspired by benefits of the My Love Bomb Program.  Here I talk about that process we go through from the broken down moments of our lives, through healing, into the next steps called broken open.  

This is perfect for someone needing a little bit of a hug on the path of healing and life transformation.

May You Walk a Lighted Path, Connected to Your Truth

May you walk a lighted path, may you fight for truth, your truth, not someone else's. -Marisha Pessl

Hi!  This is one video in a series of videos that were recorded live on Facebook giving tips and ideas inspired by benefits of the My Love Bomb Program.  Here I talk about the process of walking the path of life in connection to your inner truth. 

These are quick videos for an instant boost.