Welcome to the My Love Bomb Program!

Welcome to an incredible journey into You.  I am thrilled to be hosting the experience as the lead facilitator for the program and primary facilitator you will encounter during our virtual experiences together.  Thank you for dedicating this time to yourself, and ultimately, those around you and the people you will serve.  Check your inbox every Sunday for your weekly email drop of the course, or plan to come inside of the course right there to access your weekly media!  Big Love, Rhea

Quick Guide:

1.  Plan out the dates for your entire program period and schedule everything!  I recommend doing this entire preparation by Friday, September 2nd so that we can guarantee proper tech support if needed.

2.  Download and print your workbook and affirmation coloring sheets.

To plan your weeks,  I recommend choosing a full hour and a half on the Sat, Sun, Monday, or Tuesday at the beginning of each week where you do your video with your workbook.  

We will then kick-off the week with the Group Connection call with Dr. Rhea Mondays, 7:30-8:30 PM PST via Zoom (call in info in your welcome email).

Then you will have your in person program on Wed or Thurs based on the group you registered to join.

You will receive a weekly Friday email message from Dr. Rhea recapping the weekly experience and sending you off into the weekend, and the private Love Bombers Facebook group is your spot for community support the entire way.

You are now ready to get the most out of your My Love Bomb Program experience!

Rhea & The Facilitators