Are you a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, or Life Coach committed to contributing to more Love and Connection on our planet?

Do you live in Northern California?

If you answered YES, you might be one of the amazing 10 people that will be joining me in February, 2016 for the Beta Run of the My Love Bomb Program for Future Facilitators.
I am Rhea, the producer of Love Bomb.  Right now I am bringing my dream together of joining with other empowered leaders helping to magnify more love and connection on our planet.  A little about me,...

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a facilitator of individual transformation through multi-media production, group process innovation, and holistic precision chiropractic.  Her documentary film Love Bomb released in April, 2014 has inspired people throughout the world to give their gifts of service to life.

Her individual and group instruction work is inspired by 16 years of yoga experience including a 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Cindy Lee of Om Yoga in NYC, certification as a Concept Therapy Instructor with 9 years of teaching experience, as well as a B.A. in Dance that she uses to bridge movement theater improvisation with self-discovery for non-dancers.

Her passion for service as a transformational technique is inspired by the age old system of Karma Yoga and the simple experience that it just feels good to give love to life.  She has served internationally in India, El Salvador, Brazil, and Peru as well as with The Pathway Home program in the U.S. for combat veterans living with PTSD.

She is passionate about contributing to a healthier humanity by assisting people to choose Love over Fear through everyday acts of service and relaxed embodiment.

Now Back to You!

I am currently attracting 10 amazing, inspiring individuals who want to take part in a special 8 Week experience of The My Love Bomb Program with the possibility of continuing on as facilitators.

The program is an 8 week experience consisting of online as well as in person content to assist an individual to embody love while finding their "Love Bomb."


The beta program will run Feb 2, 9, 16, 23, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 2016.  (Tuesdays, 1:00-2:30 PM in Napa)


 Every Week Includes:


Featuring extended interview content.png
  • Approximately 1 Hour Video/Downloadable Audio Lesson Featuring extended interview content with experts from Love Bomb (Kute Blackson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elena Brower, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Dean Radin, PhD, Marilyn Schlitz, Phd, & John Welshons) Curated by Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek
  • Workbook Writing Exercises


  • Individual Affirmation, Meditation, & Transformational Practices


  • 1.5 Hour Facilitated Group Experiences:  Acting for Self Discovery, Group Movement Improvisation, Journaling, Awareness Practices, Self-Love and Forgiveness, Discussion









Some of the benefits of the program are:

  • A feeling of being aligned with a deeper purpose in life while being connected to others on a similar path.  

  • A renewed faith in the good of others and of life itself.  

  • The ability to recognize positive vs. negative emotional states of being and to use tools to cultivate and live more in the positive.

  • Understanding of past traumas as the fuel for serving in the present.  

  • Tools to remain grounded while providing service in challenging circumstances.



Some of the benefits for facilitators are:

  • Earning up to $3,000 in 8 weeks with 10 students for approx. 3 hours of work a week. ($125/hr)

  • Deeper relationship with clients & students for ongoing utilization of services through yoga classes, fitness, life coaching, etc.

  • Becoming a beacon of hope and positive transformation in your community while seeing direct results in the lives of clients as well as the lives of the people they will touch.

  • More physical harmony as you live in harmony with your own deep purpose.

  • A satisfaction in being a part of positive change for humanity.  


By taking part in the beta program you will be among the first facilitators I will personally work with to launch the next phase, which is where we all run the program together at the same time, lighting up the Bay Area with Love Bombs and being a part of a model that will spread across the U.S. and the World.

does this excite you?

If YES, YES, YES,...


P.S.  I am only offering 10 spaces!  If you are interested in the opportunity then secure your spot in line by applying now ($100 application fee secures your spot and is fully refundable if not accepted into the program)