Are you looking for a way to help inspire people in your community?

 If you said yes, you are in the right place!

I am Rhea, the Producer & Director of Love Bomb, and I am excited to help you to spread the love by screening Love Bomb in your local theater.  (Are you an Independent Theater looking to set up with us directly?  Please email us at


It’s easy.  

It’s free to set up, and you make 5% of profits. 

Anyone can sign up.


Here is the guide to make it easy in 4 Steps:


1.  Schedule the Event.

2.  Plan to make it a “Volunteer Raiser” by coordinating with local Volunteer Organizations.

3.  Get the word out to fill the theater.  (Once enough tickets are sold your event is confirmed).

4.  Enjoy the event & share lots of photos.

5.  Follow up & get paid.


Here are the steps in greater detail,...


Step One:  Schedule the Event

1.  I’ve partnered with Tugg to make theatrical screenings easy and free for anyone to promote.  Start by creating a Tugg account here.  

2.  Go to the Love Bomb Page and select Host a Screening "At a Theater" and fill out the Event Request Form.   To give enough time for the entire process of planning, we recommend your ideal event date is 5-7 weeks from Today. 

            Filling out your form:

a.  Once you enter your zip code you will see local theaters that work with tugg.  Choose one!

b.  The event is confirmed once enough people purchase tickets for it to happen, this is called the “threshold.”  To get the lowest threshold, we suggest you schedule your event to happen Mon-Thurs, and ideal times as either 5:30 or 7:30 PM.

c.  You can make this screening a fundraiser by selecting an organization (501(c)3) to list on the event page.  People can donate to the organization while checking out with their tickets.  (I highly suggest you rock this as a Love Bomb by making it a “volunteer raiser”- described in Stage Two below).

d.  Create an event description with any special aspects of your screening.  You can update this after the event date is set.

3.  Event details are confirmed with you through your tugg contact within 4-5 business days, and then the theater approves the request within 1-2 weeks.  If need be new dates or times will be worked out with you until your request is able to be completed.

4.  You will receive an Event Page once your event is scheduled.  Example Link.


Step Two:  Plan to make it a “Volunteer Raiser”  & a "Volunteer Love Bomb" by coordinating with local Volunteer Organizations.  Make the screening a Love Bomb for your community. 

1.  A great WIN for your film success, local organizations, and your film attendees is to make this a “volunteer raiser" and "volunteer love bomb."  People will finish the film with a deep desire to give “their love bomb” to life.  By connecting them with this opportunity at the event, you assist them to fulfill the transformation they are inspired to experience for themselves through the film.  The film also reaffirms one's own reasons for volunteering and can be a great inspiration to current volunteers an organization already relies on.

2.  Contact local organizations who rely on of volunteers.  Many towns have a volunteer center that would be happy to participate.  You can pick multiple organizations.

3.  Here is a template for formulating an introductory email to an organization.

4.  Organizations can become part of your promotional team by emailing their members about the event, inviting their members to come, and purchasing tickets to the event as a "thank you" to celebrate their volunteers.

5.  Some organizations could use small items that your participants can bring to the event, for example, for the world premier participants were encouraged to bring $10 gift cards to support a women’s shelter. 

6.  Keep a list of these organizations so that you can celebrate them and their volunteers at the event.  Imagine asking all volunteers in the audience to stand up and giving them a round of applause, while invigorating your community to know that they are driven and surrounded by love.


Step Three:  Get the Word Out To Fill The Theater (Screening Success Strategies)

You have your event set, now you can kick back and watch it fill up!  Well, not exactly.  Follow these proven steps to make sure your screening happens and is a great success!  This is an awesome Guide To Promoting Your Love Bomb Screening to help you promote the event successfully.  These are your quick links:


                        1.  Create a Facebook Event 

                        2.  Social Media Sample Posts

                        3.  Emails to friends, family, and connections (Email Template)

4.  Get & invite press to the event!  Check contacts for local papers or bloggers. Sample Press Release

5.  Promotor Messaging:  Direct to your Audience.  As the event Promoter, you’ll be able to directly message the people who have reserved tickets to your event or opted to follow the event. Through Promotor Messages, you can encourage your attendees to help spread the word about the event!  The more champions you have for your screening, the better. 

6.  Distribute promotional materials in your community.  Go Here to download posters & postcard art to get printed for your event.  You can personalize posters by writing your event info on the bottom once printed, and personalize postcards by placing label stickers on the backside printed with your event information.


Step Four:  Enjoy The Event & Share Lots of Photos


1.  Tickets can be purchased up to four hours before the event start time.  Once the tugg box office closes, no further tickets can be sold.

2.  Please arrive at the theater at least an hour before start time.

3.  Welcome your attendees with an introduction.  Here is a suggested Love Bomb Event Introduction. Remember to Invite your audience to stay for any scheduled post-film events.

4.  Photos! 

a.  Keep the Love Bomb community in the loop by tagging us in your posts (Facebook @lovebombthemovie, Instagram @lovebombthemovie, Twitter, @alovebombmovie) and use #mylovebomb. 

b.  Send us your photos after the event so we can directly share your success as well (  A great shot is of a packed house with everyone holding their arms up in a heart position.

5.  Enjoy the show, then introduce your Q & A or your organization representatives who are there to connect with potential volunteers.

Here is a checklist for the day of the event.  


Step Five:  Follow Up & Get Paid


1.  Send a follow up message to your attendees using the Promoter Messaging tool!  

2.  Get Paid!  You will be sent via PayPal your 5 % Promoter Bonus and the Contributions you collected to distribute to organizations approximately 60 days following the event date.

3.  Share how awesome it was to host an event to others you think would enjoy the experience!


Join the movement and drop a Love Bomb in your town!

Love & Gratitude,