the my love bomb values

The following are the values of the My Love Bomb Program Culture.  Our mission is to continue to bring together communities of women who consciously embody these values as we build positive impact in our world, one circle at a time.

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I can’t be dropping anything but love bombs, everywhere I go, it is inappropriate to do anything less.
— Elena Brower
  • We practice unconditional Love.

  • We empower and take care of ourselves so that we can do the same for others.

  • We believe everyone has inherent value and gifts to offer the world.

  • We anchor to the heart.

  • We are stronger together.

  • We forgive each other and ourselves.

  • We accept responsibility for our actions and their impact on others.

  • We find power on the other side of our vulnerability.

  • We have fun.  ;)  

  • We take a stand.

  • We achieve our vision with grit and healthy endurance.
Growth is open and protection is closed, you can’t be in growth and in protection at the same time.
— Bruce Lipton