Welcome to Week 1: Connecting to Love

“Your attention and your intention are not only inside your head, they are changing things, even at a distance." – Dean Radin

Welcome to the first week of your journey!  I am so excited to be diving into the My Love Bomb Program process with you.  Every journey through this process brings an increase in clarity, connection, and healing for everyone involved.  I consider the entire program to be a form of a “chrysalis” where we, like a caterpillar, enter, engage, evolve, and then emerge on the other side.  We do this by setting the stage this week with a profound intention and experience of unconditional loving acceptance.  

-Dr. Rhea

You can grab your downloads right here:

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Your Bonus Video:  The 49 Breaths Tutorial (View Only, No Download)

Need support?  Email us at:  support@mylovebomb.com Response times might be a little bit delayed since tech support is M-F, 9-4, EST.  They will do their best to respond within 24 hours during workdays.  (Holidays not included)