Who Can Benefit

Are you a woman looking for healing, connection, and fulfillment?

We are built with an intelligence to survive, and this intelligence encourages individuals to move towards harmony and to move towards health. Its innate, we just have to start listening to it.
— Bruce Lipton

Are you looking to reconnect to your inner truth?

Are you feeling somewhat disconnected to what YOU want?  You have spent so much time catering to the needs of others, that it is hard to know what rings true for you?

We can driven by love just as much as we can be driven by pain or fear.
— Elena Brower

Are you ready to take the next step of your healing process?

There is a point of time in the healing process when you are ready to transition into the next steps of your life, to leave the "broken down" feeling, and step into wholeness.

Are you getting burned out?

So many us are going so fast in giving our "Love Bombs" to life that we actually need time to slow down, reassess, give ourselves major self love, and reset so that we can continue to do the work that we love in sustainable ways.

The more we tap into that which is one with everything then we have access to a realm of knowledge that is beyond the mind.
— Kute Blackson

Do you have a big decision to make?

Sometimes when you are faced with a big decision, you need the big enough pause to land into your heart, hear the answer, and then move forward with confidence.

Fear is what causes human beings to be at their worst, and love is what causes human beings to be at their best.
— John Welshons

Do you long for deeper connection in your relationships?

A gorgeous thing starts to happen when you learn to listen your own heart.  You start to transform your relationship with yourself, and that begins to transform your relationship with others.


Is fear getting in the way of you taking your next step?

Longing for change means stepping through the threshold of fear and getting to the other side.  Sometimes having a community of women to support you, and the time to land into your heart so that you an trust your decision, is just the thing you need to go for it.


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the my love bomb program could be the perfect next step for you.

Transformations aren’t going to be long lasting and sustainable unless you do the inner work.
— Marilyn Schlitz