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You Matter Women’s Groups are communities of women who value authentic and empowered connection with themselves and others. At You Matter you get to relax, love yourself as you are, and open to your greatest gifts.

Every month we come together to enjoy community and to engage in a theme focused on personal growth, self-care, and community engagement. Our mission is to build positive impact in our world, one circle at a time.

These are curated locally by a cooperative community of women leaders and each group runs independently while gathering inspiration and ideas from one another. 

At You Matter:

We practice unconditional Love.

We empower and take care of ourselves so that we can do the same for others.

We believe everyone has inherent value and gifts to offer the world.

We anchor to the heart.

We are stronger together.

We forgive each other and ourselves.

We accept responsibility for our actions and their impact on others.

We find power on the other side of our vulnerability.

We have fun.  ;)  

We take a stand.

We achieve our vision with grit and healthy endurance.

For those ready to take the next step of embodied training for choosing love over fear and amplifying your gifts, we offer the My Love Bomb Program every fall and early spring.

Join a Group by Connecting with your local facilitator today.  

Anita Walker has been serving families and children of Aurora, Colorado for more than 15 years as an early childhood education teacher turned principal. It has been her passion and hearts work to elevate this community and develop leaders in the school as well as the community at large. She is driven and determined to use her skills to empower families and students who are a part of a vulnerable and strong community. During her six year as principal Anita has been an early adopter in progressive educational opportunities within her community. She was the lead in the development and design of a program for teen parents to provide wrap around services for the child and family. The primary goal of the program has been to provide quality childcare while the families were attending school. This the first of its kind in the Aurora community. In additon Anita sees her school building as a community building and has held several community leadership workshops and partnered with community groups to develop families as leaders in the community for their children. My Love Bomb program directly connects to her work to build a strong community. Empowering women to live out their dreams and heal their lives is an extension of the work she does in education. It is a deeper level of connection and community that is much needed in making the world a better place.  Connect directly to Anita:  Walkeranita555@gmail.com

Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek is a facilitator of individual transformation through multi-media production, group process innovation, and holistic precision chiropractic.  Her documentary film “Love Bomb” was released in April of 2014 to a sold out audience and has gone on to premier in theaters across the United States while winning the Audience Choice award at the Los Angeles Awareness Film Festival in 2014.

Her passion for empowering women to live healthy, whole, and fulfilled lives led her to infuse her training as a 200 hour yoga teacher, Concept Therapy Institute Instructor, and dancer/choreographer into her women’s empowerment program, “My Love Bomb.”  She gets fired up by living a new worldview model of cooperation by training other women to become My Love Bomb facilitators so that they can lead the two month program along with her in locations all around the world.  Connect directly with Rhea:  dr.rhea@blossomlife.com

Hannah Lautze is dedicated to building a community of women in Napa, California who have the confidence and tools to be their best while uplifting one another. Her natural and gentle leadership style have been cultivated through academic exploration with a B.A. in Religious Studies, experiential exploration as a certified Yoga Teacher, on-the-ground experience through building her Beautycounter business, and her role as a My Love Bomb Program Facilitator.  She is considered by many to be a significant up and coming power house in the women's empowerment movement.  Connect directly with Hannah:  Hannah.Lautze@gmail.com

Ana Hernandez is Senior Director of Behavioral Health Service at Aldea Children & Family Services in Napa and Solano County.  She has served Aldea for 4.5 years implementing new services for children and their families needing support through the latest evidence based practices in mental health and substance abuse recovery services.  Ana is an artist, a yogi, a reiki master student, a rock climber and most recently an aspiring surfer.  Ana brings her fearless approach to change and expansion to women in Napa.  Connect directly with Ana: Anjahz@yahoo.com

Dr. Lauren Clum has been serving the Oakland community as a chiropractor since 2007, helping primarily women dealing with chronic health challenges. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Business Administration, and from Life Chiropractic College West for her professional doctorate. She's completed extensive post-graduate training in upper cervical specific chiropractic, and has distinguished herself as an expert in her technique. In May of 2015, Lauren welcomed a precious baby girl, Kaiya, into her family. When Kaiya was about a year old, she was diagnosed with a rare neurogenetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome that resulted from a microdeletion on the 15th chromosome. With the variety of challenges that can arise for kids with Angelman Syndrome, Lauren and Kaiya were thrown into a brand new world that was quite intimidating on so many levels. Along the way, a few things happened that really shifted Lauren's role in her community. She started doing heart-centered work with Dr. Rhea Zimmerman Komarek and the My Love Bomb program, she shifted the focus of her practice to helping more kids with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families, and began connecting with women in her community that were looking for increased fulfillment, clarity and love in their own lives. She brings an extremely loving, personal perspective to all of her work now, and adores helping women and families!  Connect directly to Lauren:  lauren@thespecific.com

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Tami Bandy seeks to exude love and finds joy in encouraging others, which lead her to become a part of the You Matter community. She and her husband, Dr. Bo Bandy, fell in love with the colorful Ozark Mountains and decided to make their home in Branson, Missouri.  

Tami spent most of her developmental years in Texas, although she was born in California and still has a deep love and appreciation for the beauty in those places. She has a degree in Psychology and several hours towards her masters in counseling. Immediately after college, she landed in the social work realm working for a private foster care agency, where she wore a wide array of hats. All of those experiences shaped her into who she is today.

Tami’s path took a sharp turn in 2005 when she discovered a deep love of Chiropractic and the philosophy of living a connected life. She and her husband created Victory Chiropractic in 2010, a place that empowers the young & young at heart to acknowledge and trust the Innate Intelligence that exists within all of us. Since it’s inception, she has been an integral part in running Victory, alongside her awesome her husband. 

She is excited to bring a You Matter group to her area. She sees it as a landing place for women to connect to their hearts and live from a place of love, thereby impacting her community and world through The Love Bomb. Connect directly with Tami: YouMatterOzarks@gmail.com

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Jenny Lind (Bio coming soon)

Amelia Murray helps women to embody the best version of themselves.  Amelia has a B.A. in Liberal Studies, with a minor in Communications. She went on to receive her teaching credential and was an elementary school teacher for 6 years. After the birth of her daughter, she reignited with her passion for teaching by becoming a fitness instructor helping women to achieve goals they never thought possible. She has a particular love of helping the pre and post-natal woman prepare her body for a healthy pregnancy and birth, and then discover a whole new level of strength and wholeness as a mom. The My Love Bomb Program is an extension of her dedication to helping women become more empowered both mentally and physically. When she's not helping other women, she can be found doing anything involving the outdoors, reading, and adventuring with her family.  Connect directly to Amelia:  amelia.g.murray3@gmail.com


Dr. Cassandra Mason has been serving her local community in their quest for health and healing through
Chiropractic care since 2009. She holds a degree in Kinesiology with Emphasis in Therapeutic Exercise
and Rehabilitation from Sacramento State University, and her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life
Chiropractic College West. With over 18 years of combined education and experience in health and
wellness, she is passionate about providing women with the tools necessary to live the life they desire.
As a wife and mother of two, she has a deep understanding of the desire find one’s self, to build deep
meaningful relationships with those around them, and most importantly to create a balanced and
fulfilling life. Connect directly with Cassandra: cmasondc@gmail.com


Dr. Keri Dennison is a vitalistic chiropractic who practices loving service as her first technique.  Strong, team-oriented ethics from playing collective sports throughout her life really drive her craving to generate the space for community and tribe around her.  Her vision includes seeing women in her valley love and empower each other and themselves.  She dreams to see generations of women deeply connect to cultivate a culture of empowered legacy.

She imagines the future for her 1 year old daughter, Luna, to live in a world with women who honor one another and love unconditionally.  A world full of women who strive to create ripples that positively impact today. Connect directly to Keri:  keri.dennison@yahoo.com

Dr Laelle Martin is a facilitator of growth, healing and transformation in people’s lives through her work as a holistic Chiropractor and offering the My Love Bomb Program in her home town of Tacoma, WA.  With over 15 years combined education and experience in health and wellness fields, and serving as leader of her local Holistic Moms Network Chapter for over 8 years, Dr. Laelle is extremely knowledgeable about holistic health and is passionate about empowering women to create more balanced and fulfilled lives that they love.  When not actively supporting the women and families in her community, Dr. Laelle enjoys spending time with her 2 children and husband, playing tennis, reading, and exploring the beautiful PNW outdoors.  Connect directly with Laelle:  laellemartindc@gmail.com